Vistra Dankil

My Story Is...

Half human half elvish, completely abandoned at the door to an inn only to have fate laugh as a dwarf nearly stepped on the little babe when he was walking out. thinking the babe was human he took the little baby back home and adopted her, giving his missus the speech “ye’r never need me ter reach der top shelf again”


It wasn’t till Vistra was the age of 13 did her ears start to grown in and by then they had already grown to love the girl.


Skilled in archery the girl was also an excellent smith and miner, seeing in the dark better than most dwarves and acting quick to caves in the other dwarves soon saw her more human than elf and definitely more dwarf than elf being able to drink most of them under the table.

My Appearance

long brown hair, green eyes, 5’9, slender, pointed ears that are smaller than your average elf


Quiver, arrows, bow, two daggers (one is a little smaller than the other), sword,