Erika I. Rossendale

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Vivian was born to a mexican prostitute and an Assassin father. Her mother ran out on her after a month of caring for her. She was left with her father, who took nothing to do with her upbringing, only caring that she continued the family name ‘Kaiser’. From the age 4 she was beaten and trained to kill, torture and fight. Now she wanders Hellifyno, doing the work she was trained to do, while living with her curse from a once close friend, the curse of the Wendigo.

Jamie Grayce was born 118 years ago(New info: 1921 years exactly she was incased in molten gold), abandoned and stripped of her memory inside a cave in Hellifyno. She had been trapped in there for a long time, now she is free, she will face world and attempt to regain her past.

Shaida Hallowstrine Is a young hacker and daughter of a once millionaire Tech Ceo. Since her fathers ‘abnormal’ death, she continues on under the name “The Iris” working as a link for the dark web and the modern clients.

Ashley Storrick is a Reaper (Much like in Black Butler). Born long ago, Ashley was once a normal young girl, she lived with her grandfather as her parents were constantly out on business and never made a proper appearance in her life. Upon stumbling across a Reaper Scythe, Ashley learns that she is the last Storrick of Reaper blood and that she must continue her Grandfather’s work. She trained since she was 8 until she was 16, which was when she was the highest ranking Reaper in her final exam. Now after all the Reapers have been made extinct by the relentless attacks of demons and angels, Ashley works as a hireable body guard with special abilities.

Ebony Fowler is a 20 year old mage who is a mute, most commonly found near water. She has the ability to create floating Bright blue pentagrams and summon a ghost leviathin on command, this leviathin is actually her familiar, Phantus.

Willow A. Everin is a woman from the victorian Era. Due to being used as a sacrafice ad an infamt, Willow returned to her high class lifestyle as a demon. After witnessing the deaths of all four family members and the end of her family’s company, Willow continued to thrive in her mansion, out of the public eye. Upon the sudden bulldoze of her family home, she relocated to Hellifyno, working as doctor and part time writer.

Erika Rossendale, fallen angel turned demon. Everyone she loves thinks she died so, lets see hkw it goes!

Little is known of Stitchery. All is known is that a group of churchmen found out that she was in fact a demon leading the “Cult Of Stitches”  and entrapped her in a dool form. The doll was locked away and forgotten, no one knows how she got to Hellifyno.

Erika Rossendale was a fallen angel, ripped of her wings and cast down to earth, however since her death and the creation of Jamie Grayce-Patten (Her daughter) she has returned, reincarnated as a Demoness and Nicknamed “The Raven” due to her black wings. Shr also has other powers, however she does not use them unless she feels the need, she just wants yo go back to her normal way of life.

Who Am I...

-Vivian Evangeline Kaiser -Jamie Grayce -Shaida Hallowstrine -Ashley Storrick -Ebony Fowler -Willow A. Everin -Stitchery – Erika Rossendale

Romantic Interests

Men and Women

Relationship Status

Taken "Love you Snowflake"~Vivian Single~Jamie Single~Shaida Single~Ashley Single~Willow

My Story Is...

Already told you that, pay god damn attention!

My Appearance

Mid length, white hair, purple eyes, 5’6, always wearing her long cost, black and red gothic crop top, black ripped jeans and combat boots.


My Secrets Are...

I’m a Wendigo…Not really a secret but..Y’know..~Viv