Vivian Kaiser


I am Erika Rossendale, Forgive me but I cannot remember my family..I remember a pain though, A terrible one. I remember screaming, very faintly. Most of my memories are non-existent, all I have is those that I have been left with by..’God’. I would tell you more about my life, but there is no point when your life has been stripped from you..

Who Am I...

Erika Rossendale & Vivian Kaiser

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Once upon there was an angel in heaven, amongst her many emotionless associates, she silently fought the brainwashing that her kind were forced through by God himself. After rising against the madness of her creator, she had her wings cut off and she was tossed from heaven, cursed to walk the earth till its end.

Vivian Kaiser was once a hunter of men and monsters, known in her village for keeping the family legacy alive even though she was female. When she was an infant her grandmother, a witch cursed her to immortality.

My Appearance

Long, white hair, 5’6 female, wine red eyes and pale white skin. Often wears a blue dress.

Brunette, messy medium length pixie cut, Blue eyes, Always wears giant cloak like coat with hood up unless indoors, wears a black top over her chest, held on with red material, wears black Jean’s and boots.


She always has her amulet on her, that is her only connection to her family she lost so long ago.

Vivian Carrie’s her family blade, a large sword incrested with blue jewels.