OOC PLEASE READ: I been RP for years and come to love all kinds of characters. Instead making an account for every single character, I decided to make this my multiple character account. I adore each character, and a fan of each. I do not change back and forth because I think any lesser than the other. I will try to limit the amount of characters on this page, meaning some may go into retirement if not active. This does not mean they can’t be brought out of retirement, any char. can be brought back out. If you have a special request, feel free to leave a comment ;)…Back to IC….


My Story Is...

Aurora Falcon has a secret unlike most girls of her age, upon being ambushed and chased down a dead end ally. She cowards in fear as the nefarious men approach her, then the unexpected happen. The wind blew and a rush of excitement and adrenaline rush a wild side awaken within her, the gryphon. The Falcon bloodline long ago was known for being gryphons who can take shape of human, and gryphon. Untamed nature took control and once she became aware of her new situation she instead of screaming, cries like an eagle. Golden hazel eyes stare down the blood covered ally, trembling she looks down upon her talons. Horrified she came to realize she has committed murder. Ever since that day, she wears a heavy cloak to block out the wind. Hoping her new wild nature never does such a deed, a deed where not only people died, but to lose her self to the wonders of the wind. To find balance within herself? Is the possible? Is she destined to be a Beast or Beauty?
Set on quest to seek answers, this quest of finding more about gryphons has lead her to become a female body guard, unusual considering she once a slave.

Shannara Gryphon, is more than just a Gryphon. Noble, cunning, and fickle. Shannara or Nara, is only known species of Gryphon to have the blood of a Phoenix. She has the ability to cast her whole body into fire and to heal with a single tear. She has died many times throughout the centuries and is reborn from the ashes. Having the blood of loin and a Gryphon, it is a mystery of how her first life came to be. Her talents though, are difficult to miss. If not engulf by flames, her feathers are rich deep shades of red and brown, much like the clay of the earth, resembles a Phoenix color and feather pattern.

Nara life is nothing dull, being reborn for a variety of reasons, her memory is fractured yet not entirely broken. She starts as a youngling, small as kitten and vulnerable as candle stick. She recalls one friend from her latest awakening, a druid who goes by the name Allanon. Something must be wrong in the four lands, for Nara was put to rest so when the Four lands become endangered, she will awaken. Was it the Ellcrys?
Ebony, a young Pegasus who was separated from her mother and flock during Hunter’s night attack. Crashing through the sky and rough limbs of the trees, she frightens away a old buck. An old buck that was going to Aurora’s meal…Even with the dangers of Hunts Clan and her own wild nature, Aurora took in the black Pegasus and agrees to help her find her mother. Unlike Aurora, Ebony can only cast illusion of a young child, her shadow still cast that of a Pegasus filly.
Celestia - Human by Santafer
Princess Celestia
Co-ruler of Equestria Princess Celestia and her sister, Princess Luna have the power of day and night. The royal blood of Alicorn run in their veins and with it is magic, and the weight of the crown. Celestia, also called Tia by personal friends, raises and lowers the sun. (More to come)
Luna - Human by SantaferPrincess Luna,
The creatures, played in the day but “shunned” the night, which made the younger Alicorn sister grow bitter, eventually refusing to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. Her bitterness “transformed her into a wickedness of darkness, the infamous Nightmare Moon. The eldest sister reluctantly harnessed the power of the Elements of Harmony and banished her younger sister Luna to the moon, taking responsibility for both sun and moon, maintaining harmony in the kingdom. (more to come)

Ember Rose, animal loving, out going, and go green kind of gal. She adores all living creatures and taking photographs, from the creepy crawlies, to the majestic hump-back whale. Ember been alive ever since the late Medieval era. 1453 AD, an era when her life was change forever. She lived the life of gypsy, pirate, reporter, and many, many more. Till this day, she has hunting down the person who changed her life, her life was once mortal but now, she is a Vampire.  Though her life was long, she still recalls the man and women who saved her as a child, before she became a Vampire.

Thinking back to the days candle lit rooms and dirt floors, the two Vampires hunters raised an orphaned girl, no older than age 10, a child who survived the plague while her parents did not. The Vampire hunters were part of a clan that mainly acted only in pairs, the Hunter Rose Clan.   The question is, later on in her life how did she become a Vampire? Was it an act of revenge from an enemy? The memories of who and how are unknown, perhaps the answers are trapped in old banded journal from her adoptive parents.  They were an odd couple one being Vampire hunters and two, they knew how to read and write. Nonetheless, Ember was odd one herself and fit right in with Hunter Rose Clan, until she was turned into a Vampire yet, what happen with her clan and adoptive parents is another story for another time.

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Arcee is an Autobot and a member of Team Prime. She was also the commander of the Stealth Team. She was the last Autobot from the original five members of Team Prime to meet Optimus, but regards him as a great leader. Arcee is an excellent warrior, being a melee expert and will not hesitate to fight enemies herself. She is endlessly haunted by the ghosts of her deceased partners, Tailgate and Cliffjumper. Losing both of her partners shook Arcee to the core, which explains why she prefers to work alone, until she met Jack and realized the importance of a team. Airachnid may be the only bot who Arcee fears the most. Despite her fear, Arcee can take Airachnid head on. Arcee proves her metal in combat; skilled in her own respect despite size disadvantages.



My Appearance

Prince Lotor is the exiled prince of the Galra Empire and the son of Zarkon. After Zarkon’s obsession with the Black Lion leads to the emperor’s defeat at the hands of the Voltron team and their allies, putting Zarkon in a comatose state under the care of Haggar, the prince is summoned by the witch to lead in his father’s stead. When Zarkon awakens he see his own son as a threat to his reign and turns the Empire against Lotor.

The exact nature and motivations of the prince of the Galra Empire are largely kept an enigma even for those closest to him. He is a naturally charismatic leader with a commanding voice that invigorates his subjects, be it to vouch for the value of an ally’s strength, or to vow utter destruction of enemies. While the speech he gives advocating for ruling by loyalty and not fear is part of a ruse to sway the masses, Lotor holds true to a sense of honor and nobility that places him in sharp contrast to other members of the Empire: fellow Galrans consider him “weak” simply for being part Altean; furthermore, they think him a “lunatic” for both fighting alongside his military as if  he was no higher than a private, and also for allowing planets he conquers to rule themselves as long as they pledge loyalty to him, taking the fallen societies under his protection rather than crushing them under his boot.



I Believe...

Anything is Poissible