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Cold Manipulation
Darkness Manipulation
Parasitic Corruption
Abnormal Regeneration
Life Creation/Manipulation

Who Am I...

I am a shadow of a man.

My Story Is...

I’m just a clone. I had no past, and I was destined to have no future. Yet, here I stand breathing the polluted air of this world. I’ve been used, misused, lied to, and broken, but somehow, I’m still standing. My mind is… not in the best shape, but I’m still standing. My creator allowed me this chance to discover myself and make something of myself. Even though I’m not fond of him, I must thank him for allowing me to experience so much. Though, the dead bodies around me is not where I saw myself. Yet, this is where I am. This is what they call… human endurance, I think. Surviving being killed and having my heart broken, huh? Guess my story isn’t meant to end just yet, so I wonder… Where will fate lead me next?

My Appearance

My Secrets Are...

What’s the point of asking if I’ll never say?

I Believe...