Quell Ryujin

Who Am I...

A jedi knight

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Single for now

My Story Is...

I am a former jedi but have fallen from their ideals. I am neither jedi or sith but a man of my own creed. I was also born on Mandalore and trained in The Code or a while before the jedi found me. After Order 66 I went to where some Mandalorians remained and I finished my training in the way of the mask and later proved myself gaining my signet which is a fist around a horn(story for later). I was then going as s bounty hunter before getting caught by a hurt and frozen in carbonite. I recently was unfrozen nearby Hellifyno not knowing how I got here.

My Appearance

A man


My lightsabers, blasters, other weapons and my Mandalorian armor

My Secrets Are...

I use the dark side when necessary. I am a descendent of a relative of the first Mandalorian jedi Tarre Vizsla

I Believe...

I can find my place in existence