Hoshi Mayonaka

Who Am I...

A kitsune orphan

Romantic Interests

A certain young lady named Yara NakaMura

Relationship Status

Madly in love with my girl Yara. I'm also protective af

My Story Is...

All I know is my name and how to survive. I met an amazing girl named Yara and fell in love instantly. It ain’t no joke what we have. I’ll cherish her forever

My Appearance

A kitsune warrior


My daggers, bow, backpack and “adventuring gear” plus a gift from my father before he passed which only I can call upon and use. A mask to bring out the darkness inside myself

My Secrets Are...

I am an expert thief and marksman. I have a nearly inexhaustible well of power inside myself.

I Believe...

I am destined for something great.