Randall Wayne


“If laws and rules can be bent… then they sure as hell can break.” -Randall C. B. Wayne after apprehended by guards in Persistence

My Story Is...

Randall has always had a knack for trying to bury most of his past. Not that he needed to but because he always thought it would somehow show he was “Fragile.” However as he does have countless enemies and a few friends that care too much about him for their own good, his past wasn’t too hidden for long. Although a few things tend to get a bit… hazy. Well anyhow, let me give the synopsis before Randall catches me trying to write this again…


Randall Clarke Bruce Wayne, (He swears that last part is coincidence) second son of Kathryn Sanchez Wayne and David Michael Wayne Sr. As well as the middle child of three siblings. Of course his older brother, David Jr, and his sisters, Suzanne ‘Sarah’ Wayne and Margaret Wayne. Margaret being the eldest of them all.


They had a manor just a few miles outside of Olde Watch. They weren’t really famous people of the area. Well known with people they had met but it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise that people haven’t noticed them. His father was a veteran guard of Olde Watch but was immediately forgotten when he thought he had enough. That also happened to be the time when he fell for a field medic and thus, one pregnant Kathryn Sanchez. Married they put funds to have a more calm and civilian life, refurbished the abandoned home they used as a getaway, and raising their family. David Sr. became a hunter who sold fresh game and animal skins while Kathryn kept to what she did best and became a small time doctor.


Now many may be thinking. “Then how could such a grizzled, beaten, battered, alcoholic maniac come from such a nice childhood and family?” Well simple answer is, it wasn’t such a happy family for long. Only fourteen at the time, Randall witnessed and survived tragedy. For reasons that I cannot give for various reasons, a bandit/privateer group known as Death’s Hand raided the homestead. Their home was lost as well as the lives of Kathryn, David Sr., and Suzanne Wayne. Margaret went missing not long after and was presumed to be dead, still not found to this day.


The remaining Wayne brothers were devastated, unsure how to go on. Many tried sending them to a few orphanages however they alway managed to escape. David tried getting small jobs but only earned little. Randall on the other hand, as sly as he is now, decided, maybe the rich had more to give. Well, to give without them knowing. David would also tag along when it came to his thieving antics but wasn’t to keen on setting is goal to fattening his pockets with ill-gotten gains. Especially when they soon heard Death’s Hand was in the area and beginning to operate in the region. Both Hellbent on vengeance after not hearing the name in nearly six years they set out to somehow, get payback. Their main targets were the leaders, Thomas Bradford, Dominic Hastings, Oracle-28, Alexa Verehn, and Aba Shethel.

(Each of their Dossiers filled out by yours truly.)


After tracking them down using what their father taught them, they brought in both Bradford and Shethel to guards. Oracle was killed when his sniper position of a rusted water tower collapsed. Oracle’s death was accidental and he was an android/robot of sorts so the two Wayne’s did not think much of it, Randall thought he got what he deserved and David said he would have died if they brought him in. However when it came to Dominic Hastings and Alexa Verehn they were both killed at the hand of Randall who was clouded by rage, grief, and sadness. David kept telling himself Hastings was in ‘self defence’ however after Alexa was brutally beaten to death with a two by four and his fists, David snapped at him. Saying he was no better than them, only kill when necessary, would dad be proud of this? This drove the two apart and within a year, they went their separate ways.


Alone, Randall wandered aimlessly. And it was this when he discovered alcohol, hence his addiction.


(Sidenote, as a medical professional, the man has an unusually strong liver. Once on a breathalyzer he had a BAC of .989%)


Moving on…

After finding some sort of place of rest to call home in a small settlement known as Shoshone he knew he couldn’t be a barfly so he decided he needed work. A few odd jobs later and he got a job as a courier. The work and pay wasn’t bad until he got one odd package. The contents of said package I can’t conclude for various reasons, but he didn’t think too much of it. The payment definitely compensated for that. But of course nothing can be simple for the man. He was ambushed by two raiders and the man who hired them to come along. The man was Benjamin, or more commonly known as ‘Benny’. After stealing the package he decided he wanted no loose ends. Benny shot Randall C. B. Wayne in the head with a 9mm pistol. Many thought it was the end of the man no one cared about but as, Benjamin said himself…
“The game was rigged from the start.”


Remarkably Randall survived the bullet as it hit the temple of his skull and barely grazed his brain. No permanent damage besides a scar from the doctor who saved him. No the doctor was not me but, Doctor Matthew Mitchell. Like I had stated things get a bit hazy with this man’s track record. Some paint him a Saint, Some paint him a demon, but at the end he finds Benny… just what he did to him is unknown.


A few more events take place such as earning a few of the scars on his face and leading an unlikely band of people. But after four years he saw the profit he had gain doing jobs as a hunter and wandering around so he set out on a goal. Militaires Sans Frontières, his mercenary company. Of course I cannot go into detail about us otherwise we’d just be giving away our information.


Now Randall wanders about Hellifyno, doing odd jobs as a hunter as he needed a ‘break’. But that does not mean he abandoned us, we respect his decision on time off. Which makes me Commander for now. But one thing that currently concerns me is the bounty on his head. It’s equal to nearly a billion in any universal currency. It hasn’t been abolished as it had been up for quite awhile. Although forgotten it still is active.


Ladies and gentlemen, Randall C. B. Wayne…

Take this as useful information or as a warning.
Information gathered by

-Dr. Aleksander Kasyanov Marchant

My Appearance

My Secrets Are...

The only one I truly fear is myself.

I Believe...

"It's about damn time I grabbed a drink…Oh Poetic wise, I uhh…The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. Now go bug someone who's more literate." – Randall C. B. Wayne At a local bar after a bottle of whiskey…