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Eleanor Miakoda

It’s unknown as to when or how the first werewolf came to be.

Of course every country, religion and culture has it’s own myth, story or tale that tells of the first ever werewolf to roam the earth but no one really knows. Well except for those who are a direct descendent of the original and first werewolves. It is only those originals that truely know the history of the werewolf.

All that’s important to know is that in the beginning there were 5 original bloodlines, one of which being the Miakoda pack.

The Miakoda pack, power of the moon, is a noble bloodline that prides its self on loyalty, respect, integrity, honour and family. Family is the most important element to the Miakoda pack and family will always come first above all else.

Since the beginning the Miakoda, along with the other 4 original bloodlines, lived to maintain the natural balance between the supernatural world and humans. Each pack had its own territory to protect, For the Miakoda it was the US continent.

The main purpose of a werewolf is to protect humans from Vampires. A werewolfs bite is lethal to a Vampire and it’s their job to ensure Humans are kept safe from the predatory nature of the Vampire. As soon as their is an imbalance the werewolfs job is to restore the balance by eliminating the vampire or clan. Since the beginning of time the Miakoda had a reputation for being one of the most powerful packs to maintain this balance. As time went on, the pack grew and the blood line extended throughout the US to the south and eventually to other parts of the globe. Now every continent on earth has a range of bloodlines protecting it. Of course like every species on earth their are wars and challenges to keep the packs territory but these wars and battles are nothing new and are only part of the natural order of the werewolf world.

Until now….

It was the year 2000 when humans first discovered that vampires, werewolves, far, mages, wizards and witches weren’t just ghost stories to scare children or just the imaginations of film writers. No. These creatures actually existed and the revelation panicked the human race. The government went into chaos as it tried to keep civilians from declaring civil war. Soon every one suspected their employers, employees, postmen, bakers, butchers, teachers, doctors, friends, neighbours and even family members. It was the Salem witch trials all over again and it was fuelled by panick and propoganda.

No one was safe during this time. Especially when the government decided that the best way to protect the human race from these creatures was to put a bounty on every supernatural creature. Depending on the species a person could collect a nice little profit from capturing, killing and handing in any supernatural being they could get their hands on.

For the original blood lines of vampires and werewolves the price went up.

Instead of retaliating the counsels of each supernatural group came together and negotiated a peace offering to the government. It was the only way to preserve the supernatural world from extinction.

As a result, the supernatural world and humans live side by side in peace. Although like all treaties there are those who disagree and this is true for both sides.

illegal bounty hunters threaten the supernatural world while vampires and rogue werewolf packs threaten the humans. An imbalance the Miakoda packs have been working tirelessly to restore. However despite their best efforts the price for an original is astronomical which has forced the last remaining blood lines to retreat and go into hiding. The government want the werewolves venom for weapons against the supernaturals. Bounty hunters want the cash prize. The magical world wants the blood of any original supernatural being bloodline as they are used in the dark arts. No original is safe in these modern times.

Eleanor is no exception to this rule. As a direct descendant Eleanor has lived her life on the run and in hiding. (To be continued)


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An Original