Valindra Galanodel

My Story Is...


Valindra is half-elf, her mother is elven, her father is a mystery but when her mother fell pregnant and the man she loved vanished, so she chose to leave her home and family to avoid shaming them. After a long journey she managed to find a place deep within the forest, still a few months before needing to give birth


When she was born her hair was as white and Silver as the very rays of the full moon, a blue moon signifying great things from this child. So, her mother found a druid to train her daughter to teach her how to use her powers. Valindra has grown up now having learned many languages; she now wishes to travel far and wide to find mysteries from every corner of the land and perhaps to find her father whomever he may be.


Valindra’s father’s magic was strong within her, she often found herself being pulled to the mysteries of the wilderness, the wild, forest, nature, Wandering through the trees around her home. Climbing so high she could watch a sea of green before her very eyes as the wind blew through the branches.


Valindra is a very shy and quiet girl when encouraged she can talk quite a lot but around strangers, she is silent yet shows her thoughts with her eyes. she doesn’t know many elves so of course she is curious about their culture, rules, law, beliefs, knowing that my mother left she still wishes to meet her family one day but she can accept the fact that it might never happen.


The druid that helped raise and school Valindra taught her everything she knows she sees him as a father figure in her life for not only was he her teacher but her mother and the druid fell in love and were married, Valindra is still the only child her mother has. He used to call her ‘Little Ren’ for her middle name is Farren and she would always be running around it quickly any faster and she would be flying.


Personality trait: I am driven by a wanderlust that led me far away from home

Ideal: the natural world is more important than the constructs of civilization

Bond: I suffer from awful visions of a coming disaster and will do anything to prevent it

Flaw: I remember every insult I have received and nurse silent resentment towards anyone who has ever wronged me


Favourite colour: blue

Favourite Season: Autumn or spring, the times of change

Favourite Time of Day: all day all night every day and night

My Appearance


Hair: silver white, braided back with a few smaller braids around it.

Eyes: forest green with a darker ring of green around the edge of the iris and a golden green ring around the pupil

Height: 5’6

Weight: 65kg

Age: 18

Skin: white ivory with an exceptionally soft pink blush over her cheeks

Physical Traits: pointy elf ears that are smaller than the average elf, slightly slanted eyes

Scars: none

Tattoos: none

Clothes: dark green cloak with a hood, brown boots, large baggy dress with a large corset like belt to keep it on, a smaller belt holding a pouch