Elias Griffin





N/A; however he appears to be 17



( including that of medical alchemy )


–Combat Styles–

Krav Maga



Important facts:

No one knows of his real name, only his given name, Akai Akuma

His Character:

Elias’s story is progressive within roleplays. Much of his past must be uncovered through the story so for any who wish to rp with me, please keep this in mind.




My Story Is...

In another world, within a completely different universe in a magical city, by the name of Ozryn, a war that would seem to last forever was being fought. There where two factions. One consisted of magical beings who thought the world should only be for themselves(the Machigatta)and the other of people who wished to share the world with magicless humans(the Lightborns). Many beings were enslaved during the war on either side, thousands suffered every day and countless lives were lost. 

However in this time of ruthlessness a third faction formed, they were a nameless group of people, but only for a while. A name was quickly given to them due to their ruthless and morbid killings. They quickly became known as the 19 Slashers. It was simply a group of very powerful people who could not side with either group because they cared for neither the Machigatta or the Lightborns beliefs. So they took matters into their own hands and killed many people on both sides of the war. Although they never attacked at random, in a way it was as if they kept the peace because they only attacked when one side planned a large raid or full-scale assault on the other faction. They tried their best to stop the fighting. Although peace is a hard thing to form after too much blood is spilled.


Among the third faction was Akai Akuma, although outside of his fellow assassins the world knew him as the Red Devil. He is a swift killer who takes lives without mercy, although survivors say he bares a sad look on his face. It’s rumored he is being forced to kill but others say it is just the way he is. But what is the truth in a time of war?

My Appearance


143 pounds








Cursed earring

I Believe...

The beginning is what comes after the ending. Carve out with your hands a future, filled with hope. Take a step forward into the world we call, "life".