Startled, Katie jolted awake, raising the rifle, her finger on the trigger ready to fire upon anything that moved. The sleep in her eyes made it hard to see, blinking rapidly she tried to focus on her surroundings….

Disorientated she tried to remember where she was, what the day was, why the hell she was holding her rifle and what the hell she was pointing her rifle at….



Nothing moved and there was nothing but the faint sound of crickets somewhere outside…crickets….hearing them she knew no one was around…if there was or had been the crickets wouldn’t be making a noise…

It was then she noticed her heart thumping wildly in her chest….lowering the weapon back across her thighs she rested her head back against the brick wall.

A deep breath in, she had been holding her breath and hadn’t noticed untill she was at ease….

It took a lot for Katie to cry and it had only happened a handful of times in her life.

A tear streamed down her dusty face leaving a muddy streak down her cheek, she looked up for a moment and tried to blink the tears in her eyes away.

Closing her emerald green eyes tight she tried to find the image. The image of his face. The face she had been dreaming of before she had been startled awake…

…the dream she had been disturbed from.

From the sleep that came so rarely….

frustration plagued her as the image faded, she tried desperately to grasp hold on to it…….

It was no use…

The image of his face just like her dream was gone. Gone as quickly as a breath of cool air on a hot summers day.

What had she even been dreaming about? It had been of him. She knew that much. It had been the first time she had seen his face in her dreams since this war had started….

With her eyes tightly closed she tried to remember what the dream was about….

Golden rays of sunlight had filled the room. The french doors were wide open and a light summer breeze made the sheer curtains dance. It was fresh white, crisp and pure…..his face was above her and the sunlight glowed around him…he had been smiling. Yes, smiling at her. Naked….she had felt the weight of his body on hers….the warmth of his body…how safe she had felt in his arms…..


It was morning….they must have been holidaying in the mountains….in his log cabin he had owned before they met. The log cabin they use to escape to when they both weren’t on tour. It was quiet and peaceful…no one around for miles, only them two….

Her eyes tightened as she remembered the dream and tried to hold onto it.

The sunlight had faded and the room was turning dark…..his smile was gone and his face began to fade. Another tear streamed down her face as she tried to hold on….the curtains stopped dancing and the doors were done. The weight of his was gone and she felt nothing….

Nothing but cold, alone and scared….

His face faded…..

It was gone….

Eyes opened and she was bought back to the hell…..


Who Am I...

A woman trying survive

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

First it was the flu. Then it was Avian or maybe Swine. The experts couldn’t work it out. Don’t panic the authorities tried to reassure the public. Yet people were dropping like flies. One after another people were contracting the virus….within days they were dead…..untill they weren’t.

That had been 2 years ago.

Not much was left anymore. Once the armies of each country had failed to maintain the quarantine parameters on a global scale…the world crumbled into what people could only describe as an apocalypse.

Now all that was left was deserted cities and towns. A few communities and settlements had managed to survive and maintain some resemblance of a society but many perished. There were the outsiders, the loners and of course the rebel gangs.

The military were still trying to maintain order and had their own settlements and bases….if you could make it to one you knew you had a chance of survival.

There were teams travelling the countries trying to bring people to safety, trying to still fight and restore what had been lost….and in the past 6 months some were actually succeeding. Word had gotten out that the virus was starting to die….with no new hosts the virus spread was slowing which meant it was dying. The armies were beginning to reclaim what had been lost….

Katie had been apart of one such team….untill they had been ambushed and she had been separated from her team…the explosion had knocked her out cold for days. Some of her team had not survived….some she had no idea where or what had become of them….as for him….he had been at base when she had gone out on her next rotation….she had never come back….the base had since been destroyed.

Alone and fighting to survive it had been a good 6 months since she has seen another living healthy soul.


Back pack


Medical supplies


Modified Spartan M4

One grenade

Bowie knife

Canteen of water

Only a Few matches left



And a few other bits and pieces collected over time.

I Believe...

Humanity can be restored