Elizabeth Cole

Who Am I...

A late-starter in the world of witchcraft

Romantic Interests

Humorous male, perhaps the romantic type, and preferably one who can handle a girl like her.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

She comes from a semi-wealthy family. Wouldn’t call them rich because, well, they weren’t. They did have enough money, however, to throw pretty fancy parties.. and have plenty of people kiss up to them.. (And plenty of people to kiss up to, too..)
Her parents usually made most of her life choices. But at 21, she was allowed to go out into the world! ..a little. Not as free as she might like it to be, but free nonetheless!
Her family tree was made up of sorcerers, wickans, witches, and wizards. Wanting to explore that side of her family and, with much hesitation, her parents sent her off to study. She’d only been at that for a few weeks now… So experience wise? Well.. She still has a long way to go.
Her relationship with her parents wasn’t exactly healthy. Her father always out on business trips and her mother doing…whatever her mother did. Letting Liz fend for herself for the most part.
With the luxury of being a little more than middle class, they had one single maid. Her maid, Esmeralda, was her best friend growing up. More of a mother than her biological one ever was. Esmeralda knew almost everything about her. They would talk about everything, gossip, family, secrets, how they’re day went, the whole deal. Her maid helped her get away with the petty things that her parents didn’t allow. Treating her as if she was her own, being a much better mother than the one who claimed being so. Elizabeth loved her, the sweet old lady from Mexico, her one and only true friend. (..Until she met Chunk, of course~)

My Appearance

She has Alexandria Genesis. Which means her eyes are some shade of purple, and that she doesn’t grow hair aside from her head. Such as her actual hair and eye lashes..etc.. (Also that she won’t have a menstral cycle yet fertile.. This has nothing to do with her appearance. Just a fun fact ;D)(..and being a water-oriented witch I think the smooth skin fits perfectly :D) If you only glanced at her, though, you’d assume they were a soft blue. A good length of brown hair. Comes a few inches past her shoulders. She has just a peck of sun-kissed skin. A healthy glow of vitamin D. Curvy figure. ‘Bout, 5’6″. 150-200 lbs. Size 14-16. It fluctuates. • Since she does come from a well-off family, she will often be wearing something fashionable. How often I explain her outfit for that day truly depends on if it’s worth it. Just know she’s fancy


Esmeralda was very upset when she had to leave, and gave Liz her an aged golden locket. A picture of Mother Mary inside. Elizabeth was only a woman of God simply because of Esmeralda’s influence, and continues to wear it today.
(I guess her cat, Chunk, counts as inventory.~~)
Chunk is a very intelligent cat. You’ll always find them having some sort of conversation with each other as they go about their lives. The feline always at Elizabeth’s side. (The idea of Chunk being her Familiar is still being debated.)
Chunk is a sandy-colored tabby cat. His stripes being so faint you’d have to come up closer to realize they even existed he’s so lightly shaded. Bright blue eyes (despite the picture I found has yellow-ish eyes…) and a small chunk (hence the name) missing from his left ear.
Elizabeth – being the fashionista she is – she has provided him with an assortment of collars and ribbons and bows for him to wear. Always matching her outfit, of course.

My Secrets Are...

She may be a water-oriented witch, but that’s not the only reason she only drinks water…
She knows that she’s a bit thick around the edges. She needs no reminders. But that doesn’t stop her mother from constantly making comments about her weight and how she should deal with it. It’s rare you’ll see her eat in public.. or in front of anyone in general.
She has.. Absolutely no idea about the more ‘intimate’ side of relationships. Well, she knows some things. But that doesn’t mean she won’t get flustered when such things are mentioned! ~Intimate~Experience: 0%

I Believe...

everyone has a good side. no matter how hard you have to turn them.