Ellie Haze

Who Am I...

Name's Ellie.

Romantic Interests

Is anyone interested in artificials these days?

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Long story short, my dad knew his way around an enchantment table and one day he managed to create a sentient being out of clay, porcelain, and an ungodly amount of preserved human tissue. So here I am, pretty much a living manequin that replicates every human bodily function you can think of. Except aging… Because being stuck with a 12 year old’s body is just something I gotta live with. Ever since dad passed away I’ve been working as a waitress in a local tavern. Our patrons seem to like me well enough I suppose..

My Appearance

Like your average 12 year old girl barring the pearly white skin and blood red hair.


The clothes on my back and bag full of sweets.

My Secrets Are...

I’m older than I look.. *pouts*