Ellis/Quinn Anderson


Personality: Mostly serious but can crack a joke with the best of them. Curious, quick, nimble, shy but bubbly once she opens up

Favourite colour: Brown or purple

Hobbies: Darts, drinking, painting, work

Taste in music: Little bit of everything

Peaceful or aggressive attitude?: Ususally peaceful unless provoked

Fighting skills/techniques: Basic fighting skills but usually goes in defense more than offense

Weapon of choice (if any): Dagger, maybe a sword, but does not use tem unless she needs to

The middle child of four kids (two older, one younger)

Lives in a cave

Quinn is Ellis’ older brother, he is a smart, charming, handsome fox with a stocky frame, green eyes, and red fur, he has a green teardrop pendant on a sliver chain around his neck

Who Am I...

25 year old Red Foxgirl and a 28 year old red Foxboy

Romantic Interests

Ellis: Bisexual Quinn: Straight

Relationship Status

both are currently single

My Story Is...

Ellis: Originally from a anthropomorphic town called Fablebrook located in Maine. Moved to outside of Blue Moon Tavern to see the world. Now lives in a cabin she built by herself in three months, in an area near a waterfall in a forest outside of Persistence

Quinn is currently visiting Ellis, if he likes the area or finds a special someone, he might stick around, he is currently looking for a mate, which is another reason he is visiting Ellis.

My Appearance

Height: 5’6    Weight: 130

Figure/build: Athletic and petite

Hair colour: Long flowing red hair

Eye colour: violet

Skin/fur/etc colour: Tan

Scars/distinguishing marks: Scratches on her arm from a kid

Preferred style of clothing: Depending on the day, but mainly dresses and foresty outfit or relaxed

Quinn: standing at 6’2, he weighs around 180 with scars on his back from roughhousing as a kid, he was sandy brown hair and piercing green eyes, orange fur and a tan underbelly. he wears a lot of muscle shirts and wife beaters, flannel shirts, gym shorts, and jeans.


Ellis: Dagger, Bow and Arrows, Heart shaped necklace with the word “love” on it

Quinn: a picture of their mom in his wallet, a phone, house keys, money, and a knife, A green tear shaped necklace given to him from their grandmother