Ellis/Quinn Anderson



Full name: Ellis “Ell” Deirdre Anderson (pronounced Ell-is deer-dra) and Quinn “Q” Thomas Anderson [Pronounced: Kwin Tom-es]

Birthday: Ellis: June 2nd, 1994. Quinn: May 18th, 1991

Hometown: Fablebrook, Maine, USA

Native language: Both: English


Drinker? Both: Yes

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Ellis: None. Quinn: Has a permanent slight limp on his right leg due to being attacked by a wolf in Fall of 2018


Personality: Ellis: Mostly serious but can crack a joke with the best of them. Curious, quick, nimble, shy but bubbly once she opens up. Quinn: Big softie when it comes to loved ones, otherwise is a tough guy. Can have a temper when provoked. Down to earth and has a “stoner” vibe when drunk. Protective and very flirty [weather he wants to or not]

Favorite color: Ellis: Brown or purple. Quinn: Olive green or black

Hobbies: Ellis: Darts, drinking, painting, puzzles. Quinn: Cutting wood, archery, riding his motorcycle, fishing

Taste in music: Ellis: Little bit of everything. Quinn: Rock, some country [especially slow songs to dance with the ladies to] Celtic, punk


Omnivore/Carnivore/Vegetarian: Both: Omnivore

Favorite food(s): Ellis: Most breakfast foods, carrot cake, salad, chicken. Quinn: Steak, potatoes, corn, most pies

Favorite drink(s): Ellis: Captain and coke, water, kool-aid, root beer. Quinn: Iced tea, whiskey, water

Disliked food(s): Ellis: Bacon. Quinn: Oranges

Disliked drink(s): Ellis: Anything with orange, lemon, or lime. Quinn: Orange juice


Level of education: Ellis: High school with two years of college, didn’t like it, so she dropped out. Quinn: Bar Management Assocaite’s Degree from Fablebrooke University

Current job title and description: Ellis: Painter, self-employed. Quinn: Opens The Rusty Lantern Bar when he moves back with Ellis and starts brewing Anderson Ales


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Both: Usually peaceful unless provoked

Fighting skills/techniques: Ellis: Basic fighting skills but usually goes in defense more than offense, knows her way around a bow and arrow. Quinn: Hand to hand combat

Weapon of choice (if any): Ellis: Bow and arrow, dagger, maybe a sword, but does not use them unless she needs to. Quinn: Fists


Parent’s names: Peter and Olivia [Collins] Anderson

Are parents alive or dead? Alive

Is the character still in contact with their parents? Yes, tries to see them every holiday and at least once a month

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? 5 kids total: Alice, Timothy “Tim, Paul, Quinn, and Ellis [in that order]

Other Important Relatives: Alice’s 4 kids: Blair, Kenin, Millie, & Sophia

Partner/Spouse: None right now

Children: None right now

Best Friend: Ellis: Eryn Reed [human, coworker]. Quinn: Alexander Black [tiger, met in elementary school]

Other Important Friends: Ellis: Penelope [rabbit, met then were 11]. Quinn: Boone McCloud [rabbit, Penelope’s older brother]


Describe the character’s house/home: Ellis: Lives in a cabin she built herself in three months. Quinn: Apartment in city

Do they share their home with anyone? Who? None



Who Am I...

25 year old Red anthropomorphic fox girl and a 28 year old red anthropomorphic fox boy

Romantic Interests

Ellis: Bisexual Quinn: Straight

Relationship Status

Both are single

My Story Is...

Ellis: Originally from a anthropomorphic town called Fablebrook located in Maine. Moved to outside of Blue Moon Tavern to see the world. Now lives in a cabin she built by herself in three months, in an area near a waterfall in a forest outside of Persistence.

Quinn: came to Persistence to visit Ellis, liked the world so much he decided to stay and build his company from the ground up

My Appearance


Figure/build: Ellis: Athletic and petite standing at 5’6” and weighing 135 pounds. She has long flowing red hair and bright violet eyes. Quinn: Strong, muscular, stocky with broad shoulders and a trim waist standing at 6’2 and 200 pounds. He has moppy sandy brown hair that is currently dyed black and piercing emerald eyes

Skin/fur/etc color: Both: Burnt orange with tan underbelly
Tattoos: Ellis: None. Quinn: Rose on his shoulder with his mom’s name underneath—maybelline-color-tattoo-black-rose-tattoos.jpg
Scars/distinguishing marks: Ellis: Scratches on her arm from a kid. Quinn: scratch marks on his back from rough-housing with his siblings growing up
Preferred style of clothing: Ellis: Depending on the day, but mainly dresses and foresty outfit or relaxed. Quinn: Gym clothes [tank tops, muscle shirts, gym shorts, sweatpants] Owns one black and one blue suit and a kilt, leather jacket, motorcycle jacket
Frequently worn jewelery/accessories: Ellis: Heart shaped necklace with the word “love” on it. Quinn: Green tear drop pendant on a gold chain given to him by his grandmother on his mom side before she passed


Significant/special belongings: Ellis: Steamer trunk from her grandmother on her mother’s side. Quinn: Guitar from his grandfather on his dad’s side, necklace from his grandmother on his mom’s side