Ellis/Quinn Anderson



Basic Information:

Full Name: Ellis Deirdre Anderson (pronounced Ell-is deer-dra)

Birthday; June 2nd, 1994

Hometown: Fablebrooke, Maine, USA


Mostly serious, but can crack a joke with the best of them. Curious, quick, nimble, optimistic. Shy, but once she opens up, she is quite bubbly.

Her favorite colors are brown and purple. Her hobbies include darts, drinking, painting, and various forms of puzzles. Her taste of music is eclectic, meaning she likes a little bit of everything.

As far as combating goes, she is peaceful until provoked, She has basic hand to hand combat skills, but usually goes into it as defensive than offensive. Knows her way around a bow and arrow and also can use a dagger, maybe a sword, but does not use them unless she needs to

Eating Habits:

She is an omnivore, but her favorite foods include most breakfast foods, carrot cake, salad, chicken, and brownies. Her favorite drinks include Sailor Jerry’s Rum and root beer, water, kool-aid, and coke. She dislikes bacon, jello, and anything drink related that includes oranges, lemons and limes


Ellis has two years of college, but dropped out because she realized college wasn’t for her. She currently works as a painter both for hire and freelance


Parent’s names: Peter and Olivia [Collins] Anderson, both are alive. Both her and Quinn are still in contact with them and they try to go back to their hometown every holiday and at least once a month.

The 5 kids/siblings are: Alice, Timothy “Tim”, Paul, Quinn and Ellis [in that order] with Tim and Paul being twins. Alice has 4 kids: Blair, Kenin, Millie, and Sophia

Ellis’ best friend is Eryn Reed [a human] who she met at a past job. She also have a childhood friend named Penelope McCloud, who is a rabbit that she met when they were 11 at summer camp.

House and Home:

Ellis lives in the middle of the woods near a waterfall in a cabin she built herself in three months:


Basic Information:

Full Name: Quinn Thomas Anderson
Birthday: May 18th, 1991

Hometown: Fablebrooke, Maine, USA


Is a tough guy, but is a big softie when it comes to loves ones. Can have a temper when provoked, but is normally down to earth and has a “stoner” vibe when drunk. He is also protective and very flirty [weather he wants to or not].

His favorite color is olive green or black. His hobbies include archery, chopping wood, riding his motorcycle, and fishing. His taste of music includes rock, some country [especially slow songs to dance with the ladies to] Celtic, and punk.

He is similar to Ellis in his combat skills in the fact that he is usually peaceful unless provoked, he is also skilled mainly in hand to hand combat and he prefers her fists over weapons

Eating Habits:

Quinn’s favorite foods/drinks are steak, potatoes, corn, most pies, tacos, iced tea, whiskey, water, and beer. He dislikes anything related to oranges and pineapples


Quinn got is Associate’s Degree in Bar Management in 2019 from Fablebrooke University. Since he came back from his hometown [he left Hellifyno to get his head straight for a good six months] he has opened The Rusty Lantern Bar and brews his own beer and calls it Anderson Ales

Family, Friends and Foes:

Quinn has a white tiger best friend that he met in elementary school named Alexander Black. Another friend he has is Boone McCloud, a rabbit that is Penelope’s older brother

House and Home:

Quinn has an apartment in Persistence

Who Am I...

25 year old Red anthropomorphic fox girl and a 28 year old red anthropomorphic fox boy

Romantic Interests

Ellis: Bisexual Quinn: Straight

Relationship Status

Both are single

My Story Is...

Long ago, anthropomorphic animals roamed the upper Northwest part of the United States, over time the humans of that world began to be fearful of these creatures, thinking that they were freaks and monsters because of a few bad eggs. Eventually the humans pushed all anthro creatures to move to and area in Maine that had losts of forests, a few lakes, and mountains, this area soon become Fablebrooke. In 2018, Ellis wanted to see the world and stumbled upon the Blue Moon Tavern, she liked the area and the atmosphere so much, she decided to stay.

Quinn eventually came to visit one day and liked the world so much he decided to stay. For awhile, things were great, he had a girlfriend, was working on getting a job, and was staying in Ellis’ loft bedroom, but as things progressed with his time here, it all became to much and he needed to get out and explore the world and take some time to reevaluate his life. Eventually he came back, but now lives in an apartment in Persistence where he runs is own business.

My Appearance



Athletic and petite standing at 5’6” and weighing 135 pounds. She has long flowing red hair and bright violet eyes. Her fur is a tannish color that change into black near the ends of her limbs with faint scratches on her arms and back from roughhousing with her siblings as a kid

Depending on the day, Ellis prefers dresses, olive colored clothes, or relaxed items like jeans, tshirts, and shorts. She often wear a gold heart shaped necklace with the word “love” engraved onto it in her grandfather’s hand writting


Strong, muscular, stocky with broad shoulders and a trim waist standing at 6’2 and 200 pounds. He has moppy sandy brown hair that is currently dyed black and piercing emerald eyes. His fur is a burnt orange color with a tan underbelly. a rose on his right shoulder with their mom’s name underneath—maybelline-color-tattoo-black-rose-tattoos.jpg Has a permanent slight limp on his right leg due to being attacked by a wolf in Fall of 2018

Quinn prefers to wear gym clothes such as tank tops, muscle shirts, gym shorts, sweatpants. He also owns one two suits, one black and one blue, a kilt, leather jacket, motorcycle jacket, and button downs shirts if he feels like dressing up.

He also owns a green tear drop shaped pendant on a gold chain given to him by his grandmother on his mom side before she passed


Significant/special belongings: Ellis: Steamer trunk from her grandmother on her mother’s side. Quinn: Guitar from his grandfather on his dad’s side, necklace from his grandmother on his mom’s side