Atlantic Hyun Darling'


19 year old student.

Birthday 13/09/??

Parents: Unknown.

Origin: Unknown.

Who Am I...

Atlantis Sivah Darling'

Romantic Interests

Men, they relate to him more.

Relationship Status

Recently became single again.

My Story Is...

Atlantis is a very confusing boy, his background is a little muddled so bare with me.

Atlantic was born during the great war. He had three brothers and a sister he recently discovered. 

His brother Noran was Seventeen on Atlas’s birth, and after only two years of Atlas’s life on the road {With his brothers.} Noran left them for an twenty three year old school teacher, Camereo Harah, brother of Atlantics future and now present best friend Elios Harah. {See the confusing-ness lmfao.} After Atlas and Xavier {His other brother, sixteen.} Were abandoned by their only parental figure {They’re parents were killed in the great war, Father-Shot Mother-Taken}  they found a safe home seas away from their past homes and Noran. There they met Elios Harah, brother of Camereo Harah and Elios and Atlas became friends. The second wave of the great war Xavier was called but Elios and Atlantic were just children, so they stayed there at the safe home till they were eighteen.

Atlantic and Elios are now Ninteenn

Atlas has recently found himself depressed and drowning himself in his ‘sorrows’ Though he is in a relationship and has many new friends, he is still suffering greatly. 


My Appearance

Atlantic has a series of blacks and grays dyed into his hair, it pokes out in crazy directions

Deep yellow {Golden} eyes and an odd amount of piercings.

He calls them facial art. He’s a gallery kid.

His usually dressed in baggy dark clothing, to stand out less and cover his bony lanky body. 

Atlantic has only one tattoo.


My Secrets Are...

He’s an open person.

I Believe...

In love, stupidly.