Sakura Abernathy

My Story Is...

Sakura is your average everyday girl. If your average everyday girl grew up to have some massive breasts and butt.


Sakura had lived on Hellifyno for some time never getting involved in many of the mission and dangers that came with the world but always making note and keeping an eye on them. One night not to long ago She was awoken by a loud roaring sound as well as boom and crashes. She rushed out of her apartment and down onto the street where she spotted a man in black robes fighting a hulking beast with a skull mask and a hole in its chest.


the fighting went on for some time before the beast scored a massive hit on the man sending him slamming into a car. Sakura ran over in a panic to see if the man was alright. He informed her that the beast was a hollow and at this rate he wasn’t going to be able to stop it so he offered her a deal. He could give her some of his power so she could defeat it and not be killed by it. Agreeing he stabbed her in the chest with her sword launching her soul out of her body and giving her strange powers and a katana of her own. She launched into battle with the beast eventually managing to kill it.


when she returned to the man he told her his name was Killota and he would train her in the ways of the soul reaper. She spent many night training and learning more of her skills.

My Appearance