Lillyn Lenoa

My Story Is...

Lillyn was young when she was adopted by Vorfiz (gnome). He brought her back to his home town of BarnCombe.where he worked for the Ironguts dwarven clan Hired to make a suit of armour to counteract the firearms of the Oakbeards. Lillyn acted as his apprentice fetching tools and materials he needed. This was a good way for her to learn all sorts of crafting from smithing to Tinkering. She also worked around the house cooking and cleaning. As she got older she found the need to make her own clothes as most stores didn’t carry the sizes she needed. In her past time, she would tinker with opening different types of locks. When she reached the age of nineteen Her master and the Ironguts got into a big argument and the next day Vorfiz was killed someone in the Irongut clan Set out a plan to assassinate Vorfiz as they determined his suit of armour was unnecessary. With the death of her master and adopted father. She stole the suit And some firearms that the Irongut’s had stolen from the Oakbeard’s and with them in hand she left aiming to finish the armour.

My Appearance

Standing at a petite 5 foot, her sparkling blue eyes shine on her jovial face. Her curvations figure brought to extremes due to her massive bust and large backside. brought on by a genetic change of her changeling heritage. Pinkish tattoo lines mark along her pale skin, symbols such as circular marks starbursts break up the otherwise simple patterns. Her cyan hair hangs at a decent length, and from time to time held up in a long loose ponytail. Her normal outfit consists of a button-up shirt pulled taut over form and a pair of black shorts