Emily Lechsinska

Who Am I...

A vampire, roaming around

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My Story Is...

Emily was born during one of the hottest years during the middles ages,  She was named after her grandmother Emily Lechsinska. Her parents were happily married and loving as they tried to give her everything.

Later in life at the age of 20 she found a man who she had admired for some time not knowing if he felt the same drove her a little crazy and eventually she plucked up the courage to accidentally bump into him and charm him a little, she was a young. They seemed to fit together well. they married with blessing from both familes and moves to their own farm, life was not easy but they made do with what they provided for each other. just two years into their marriage Emily fell gravely ill.

Scarlet fever would take everything from her; she was trapped in their home her husband never leaving her side as the farm slowly began to die, the doctors that were called did not help much and told the couple to expect the worst. Her paresnts helped calling for a man who had travelled from place to place helping and curing people of their ailments.
All obliviously unaware that he was a vampire.

one night he stole her from her bed taking her deep into the forest to his own safe haven,. he left a note on her bed saying she had gone to die; that is where he transformed her from sick meek human to a strong vampire. His name was Thomas pavilion, he was much older and had been studying medicine for many years and had adapted his own methods of soothing those in need of help.  Emily had woken the next night her fever gone and body seemed still soundless almost deafeningly so, once her eyes met Thomas’s form leaned back in a chair she gasped trying to scream finding no sound she panicked falling out the bed he had placed her in where she could recover. Awoken by this Thomas proceeded to calm her best he could. keeping her calm was not too easy as she seemed to find and endless amount of objects to throw and even the shards of things she had already thrown. After hurling the entire room at him short of the bed and wardrobe she had been backed into a corner she spoke up her voice croaked
“W-h-ho are you?” her voice was raspy and thick, like a layer of dust had settled onto her vocal cords.

“Thomas pavilion” he smiled sitting down opposite her leaving plenty of space ‘I am a vampire I turned you before you could die” he then proceeded to explain the whole situation to her before feeding her his own blood, Emily was disgusted at first but very slowly got used to drinking the blood. soon Thomas began feeding her fresh human blood.She had asked about her parents and her husband but Thomas had shrugged it off telling her that she would see them in time. She nodded and after a few months of learning about her skills and what she had become he took her to see them. Emily had run into their farm house without knocking ran in, she found him and a young woman in their bed as they looked at her in shock.  she fell against the frame of the door her head twisting at the pain before she lost control and pulled the girl away throwing her into the wall by the door a sickening crack entered the room, her husband’s attention fully on her now as he looked in disbelief at her falling back onto the bed fully exposed she smiled and sat in his lap kissing his cheek and holding him close,  anger had taken over as she seemed to  comfort him, apologising for leaving as he held her and cried he couldn’t even kiss her or utter word before she bit into his neck violently and painfully draining the blood from his body. He screamed and his face showed only pain. As she drank sanity filtered into her head once more before she pulled back the body slumping to the ground. Emily cradled his head as she sat on the bed with him crying and hoping he would come back to her. Praying he would suddenly wake up as her shirt and face was soaked with blood she screamed taking with her a necklace he kept on him before she ran out the farm finding  Thomas, she explained everything her body seemed to fail her and her un-beating heart squeezed tightly in pain. After Thomas helped clean up the mess they headed back to the haven where Emily locked herself away for years not wanting to see anything outside of the room. Her mind having nothing to play with but her own guilt and sorrow she slowly became insane her cries of anguish turned into laughter. After a century in the room being fed by Thomas, his blood or those he brought back from the hunt, through the door, when she left the room her body was covered in grime and blood, old and new she laughed looking at Thomas smiling as she went out and got cleaned up scrubbing every inch clean before meeting Thomas for a needed catch up. Laughing drinking and talking before they parted ways, he had confidence in her for the first time since he had saved her and she had left him in the ally without his heart, to her it seemed only fitting that he had been the reason hers was broken and taking his was only fair. As they say  “An eye for an eye”

My Appearance

Emily has long black  hair down to her waist, her eyes are an sapphire blue,  apart from when she fed or hunted then they were crimson red. Her skin was fair and flawless -she a simple corseted dress as she traveled a lot.


a few small daggers and her clothes she doesn’t need much

My Secrets Are...

not of any importance to you