Earth Defence Forces
Name: Hallow Lorna
Age: 16
Rank: Ensign
MOS: Mobile Suit Pilot.
DOB: April 23, 2083
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Green
Status: Missing in Action

Mobile suit: LOCKGRIN “Kiki” Mk 4

Romantic Interests

Romance? What is this?

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born in Mars Dome 3 Colony to the Earth Defenses Forces Special Project Hallow. It was said that these Hallows had no personality except for utter loyalty to the state. 63 boys and 37 girls were created in a military test facility and were born at age 5 via In Vitro Fertilization. They were born to perfect and a strong. They each were trained in advanced Military tactics and Mobile Suit Piloting.
The final phase was augmentation (Process outlined in Inventory), a process which killed many of the Hollows only 23 males and 17 Females made it. Among them, Lorna was the most aggressive and intelligent. It was assumed that she would have gone far if the Interior War had not ended. She is also considered missing after the Ship Carrying her and her Mobilesuit never arrived out of Hyperspace.
//report ends

Moria Lorna, Doctor…and my creator…most humans would call her my mother as it is her genetics I am Born from. She always did tell me I would do well. but now…where do I go? I take my mother’s name as my own and no seek my own way on a strange new world.

My Appearance

I am a very powerfully built woman. I am about 1.85 meters tall after all the Augmentation. I choose the Color purple as a personal touch to my own personality. My hair is died a vibrant shade of purple and her flight suit is done the same color. Only my navy uniform is in the standard issue black.
Weight…Isn’t it bad manners to ask that


(okay I apologize in advance this section will be involed as there is a lot for us to cover)
The Person
High-Density Skelton: Makes her bones unbreakable to anything short of a strong man swinging a Sledgehammer.
3rd lung: allows her to breathe in underwater environments for 30 minutes and hyper oxygenate her blood for a faster more efficient person
Alagna Filter: This filters any toxins in the air and blood. (yes this means it is almost impossible for her to get drunk.)
Quick healing: Injuries that would take a week to heal, heal in a day for her.
The Link: This links her directly to her Mobile suit and enables her to be the only pilot. She is bound to that suit an
Armor Flightsuit: Lightweight yet effective this suit is designed to take most Personal firearm and remain secure for Vacuum when sealed with a helmet. HUD on the helmet
9mm Reaper handgun: self-explanatory
Lockgrin Mark 4
Plasma Rifle: 500 rounds of firey death
2-8 missile pods shoulder mount
2-4 missile hip mounted.
titanium A Battleplate
Orbital insertion Gel