Who Am I...

A wander

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married to Jen

My Story Is...

Lived in Glass City before wandering. Spends most of my life wandering and exploring. Scars on my side are from a fight forgotten to time. Has bad memory recall so often writes notes of the places he has been and things he had learned.

My Appearance

Has black hair that nearly falls in my eyes.Wears a hood that conceals most of my face and the portions that isn’t covered by the hood is covered with a bandanna. Wears a green & grey jacket that is fade. Also wears faded jeans as well as worn running shoes. Wears a maroon backpack.  Has 5 scars on right side of my torso 4 outside ones red middle 1 black, each about 5 inches. Has purple eyes and pale skin. Gender is male and stands at 6′ 5″. From his elbows down his forearms and clawed hands is pitch black stuff.


Backpack = bolt-action rifle with scope – dust steel hatchet – sleeping bag – lighter – flashlight – silver scaple – notebooks – pencils – random medical supplies – random bits and pieces of machinery – explosives –


Pockets= element revolver.

My Secrets Are...

What happened in Glass City. You’ll find out eventually.

I Believe...

science, logic, and humanity