Who Am I...

"I am not telling you anything.. Please get out of my face and leave me be." He raises a brow and shoots a glance over his shoulder. "You're still here? Well, don't give me that face. You are not my problem, land dweller.. Unless you would like to volunteer yourself to be torn apart and fed to the sharks, piss off."

Romantic Interests

"Now why in Neptune's name would I need someone? You have no business asking me such a question."

My Story Is...

Personality ~ Ruthless, two-faced, respectful of his superiors,

My Appearance

Race ~ Merman – Merfolk – Blue Ribbon Eel
/ Two-legged /
Height ~ 6’4 (rarely is inland)
Weight ~ 193lbs
/ Mer Form /
Height/Length ~ 16 ft
Weight ~ 589 lbs
Eyes ~ Yellow
Hair~ Long straight hair – blue and yellow
Physical ~ Decently muscled, lean, built to be agile and quick. Has fangs that tend to stick out.
Tail ~ Blue Ribbon Eel
Clothing ~ Has no need for clothing underwater, though can be presented in armor in times of violence or war.


Weapons ~ Double bladed polearm,
Powers/Abilities ~ Venom/Poison,