Estelle Vellos


Name: Estelle Vellos

Age: ??? [Looks 21]

Ht.: 6’2

Wt: Pffftttt!!!!

Race: Soul Seed

Souls: 1,700

Primary Resonate Souls:

Minerva, Goddess of Time and Space

Dagda, Irish God of Wisdom, Fertility, Agriculture, and Magic

Samael, Fallen Angel Of The Abyss

Great Mahgdara, Goddess of Death and Rebirth

Vishnu, God of Alchemy and Fate

Shesha, Great Serpent of creation

Angrael – God of change and evolution

Ame-no-Uzume, Goddess of the Dawn, mirth, and revelry

Likes: Men, Women, breasts, reading, sex, fighting, movies, music, anime, video games, food.

Dislikes: Disloyalty. Stupidity.

Favorite Food: Meat.

Least Favorite Food: None.


Mother – Lady Akuma

Father – Gerik Vellos

Sister – Malice Vellos

Sister – Aura Vellos

Brother in law – Mordred Vellos

Sister – Melody Vellos

Brother in law – Vicerelius Vellos

Brother – Xenon Vellos

Brother – Cedric Vellos

Brother – Aeon Vellos

Adopted Brother – Ian Vellos

Cousin – Azure Vellos

Niece – Violet Vellos

Uncle – Crimson Vellos

Uncle – Timmorn Hellgaia

Uncle – Damien Morningstar Vellos

Cousin – Amon Morningstar Vellos

Cousin – Orion Morningstar Vellos

Uncle – Creed Metatronis

Uncle – Adam

Aunt – Eve

Aunt – Lilith

Cousin – Abel[Bonded with Cain]

Grandfather – Mythias Metatronis Hellgaia

Grandmother – Eden

Sickness: Madness.

Saving Grace: Loyalty.

Sexuality: Pansexual.

Temperament: Lazy, open minded, laid back, sarcastic.

Abilities: Super Strength, speed, agility, constitution, healing, invulnerability. Segmented hive mind to hold the minds of the souls she absorbs.

Powers: Like her father and siblings, she is a Soul Seed and has the ability to absorb the souls of other beings, be them human, alien, immortal, devil or god once they are defeated. They become a part of her enabling her to call upon their powers, abilities, even forms at a whim. Thanks to her mother, she has the ability to feed on negative emotions to make herself more powerful, severely heightening her already potent physical attributes, even without the use of her Soul Seed abilities.

Estelle was born into one hell of a family! Her father was Gerik Vellos, an ascending God of Chaos, a being born of the Celestial being Eden, while her mother was The Lady Akuma, a being of pure rage and destruction born of the primordial darkness into a female form. After meeting, Gerik and Lady Akuma fought for six months with Gerik, still coming into his own power being the first being to hand Lady Akuma defeat, sending her into a temporary state of calm. During this time, Estelle and her younger brother Xenon were born to these two forces of nature. Being the first born, however, Estelle was far closer linked to her mother’s madness than her brother, so when Lady Akuma felt her rage and madness returning after a hundred years of peace, she asked Gerik to kill her so she didn’t have to endure the rage any longer. He did, but was unaware that the madness would then transfer directly to his daughter, Estelle.

Unable to kill his own daughter as well, Estelle disappeared, only to resurface in another realm, laying waste to it in a bloody state of insanity. Gerik battled his daughter numerous times, never able to bring himself to kill her, and thanks to the Harmonixer heritage she got from her father, she only grew stronger and stronger as time went by. It wasn’t until Xenon joined in trying to help his sister did they realize that inheriting his mother’s calm, he was able to bring Estelle’s madness under control, and soothe her rage. Finally able to keep the madness under control, Estelle was able to live the life of a true Vellos princess, Goddess in training, and daughter of Eden. While she was the oldest, she gladly passed the family succession over to her brother Xenon, preferring to live her live as free as possible, being a slave to rage for so many centuries. She still finds plenty of trouble to get into, inheriting both her father’s abilities as a Harmonixer, as well as the raw, extreme physical prowess of her mother, making her a power to be reckoned with, with, or without souls. Don’t worry though, she only bites if you ask! <3

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