°• Eugène "Dev" Devereaux… •°

Who Am I...

Eugène Devereaux…

Romantic Interests

"Don't have my eye on anyone yet…"

My Appearance

“I have a slim but muscular build.”

“My body is covered in scars, tattoo’s, burns, cuts, etc.”

“I have a tanned complexion, almost bronze.”

“I have dark black hair and brown eyes.”


“I do not carry most of my inventory on me. So, I will say that this is something for me to know. Though if you must know. I carry practical things, wallet. Phone, keys, concealed gun, etc. The gun is for self-defense only, not going around and shooting people. I also sometimes carry, my headphones (&) earbuds, my laptop in my satchel. Charging cords and many things for work. Sometimes I can also be seen with a book. As I enjoy reading.”

My Secrets Are...

My secrets are MY secrets. This is clarified above. So, I keep my secrets to myself. Usually sharing them with the people I am closest too. Though I never really share them with strangers. I don’t know who you are, or what you would do with that kind of information. So unfortunately I am not going to share MY secrets with you. Extra safety pro-cautions. I hope you can respect my wishes.”

I Believe...

"I don't really believe in anything after that…"