Who Am I...

The last elf girl of her kind living alone with her dragon blue fighting for the people who are in danger.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

There was a little elf girl called arianna or ari for short.she loved her parent’s they lived in a enchanted forest guarded and protected…Or so she thought-until the dark lord invaded and destroyed the forest including killing her mother and father leaving arianna hopeless thinking she was going to surrender but she did not,She fought by herself with her dragon blue and this day forward she will still fight and protect what was her’s and never let anything bad happen.

My Appearance

Long pink/purple curly hair. Light blue eyes. Golden collar around her neck. Long light grey hoodie with long sleeves and a dragon tattoo on her chest. Height-5’5

My Secrets Are...

-Can’t control powers.

-Get’s angry real easy.

-Does not like to be tested.

-Cannot feel pain.

I Believe...

Everyone has a demon inside of them either to protect or kill.