Does this darkness have a name?
This cruelty, this hatred
How did it find us?
Did it steal into our lives?
Or did we seek it out and embrace it?
What happened to us?
That we send our children into the world like we send young men to war
Hoping for their safe return.
But knowing that some will be lost along the way.
When did we lose our way?
Consumed by the shadows
Swallowed whole by the darkness
Does this darkness have a name? 
Is it your name?


| Information |


Name: Evaline

Nickname: Eva, Miss Evaline, Captain Evaline, Evally

Age: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Gender: Female

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Virtue/Creed: “Protect the Children!”

Hair: Raven

Eyes: Diamond blue

Build: Average sized woman, with modest breasts and a slender figure

Skin Tone: Porcelain Caucasian, not quite pale

Height: 5″ 5″

Weight: 119 lbs

Handed: Right handed

Body Markings: None

Scar Tissue: None

Unique Body Features: Always clear and long delicate nails

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


| Personality |

There is a strange innocence about her, something that cannot be quite labeled. always having a cute little smile on her face. She can also be quite childish and play pranks on unsuspecting people.
She has a distant walk about her most of the time however, like she is in her own little world. Seemingly immune to the harshness of reality, blocking out rage and temptation, all the negative aspects and emotions since they fuel Rayne.
Evaline often acts like she was just spawned under some rock and chose to crawl out and explore the surrounding world. She is clueless not stupid; there is a difference. Being able to grasp ideas quickly since her determination about everything is strong, that is why she is able to believe in the good resting in people’s hearts; not easily discourage from her beliefs. This can also be seen as stubborn but she isn’t closed to new ideas since the whole part of learning is getting different views and coming up with the truth.
All in all, she is a very wise and friendly woman that is willing to help others wherever she can. Believing in that small flicker of light and hope among all the darkness, like she senses the good in all beings hearts.

Playing pranks
Giving advice- good or bad




Fighting when she doesn’t have to
Losing people she loves
Not being able to help

Evaline has a few different varieties of weaponry at her disposal; consisting of both ranged and melee combat.

The first tool she ever used to defend herself was nothing more than a silver spoon passed down to her by one of her friends. It was only when she stole a meat cleaver from the Tavern kitchen that she upgraded from her blunt useless weapon; being forced to when Xander melted it down and handed it back. Her first cleaver wasn’t anything special either; hardly sharpened and poorly made. Romulus used it for his own gain which meant he ended up breaking it; thus making a very little mad Evaline. He made it up to her, he fashioned a much stronger and larger knife that she still has to this day.

Evaline’s second close quarters Instrument is a gift from Douglass; her girlfriend’s planting partner. He magically enchanted a normal looking chainsaw and made it more lethal via getting rid of the trigger mechanism and instead making it run on Evaline’s willpower.
He also changed the blades; finding a suitable replacement that is able to carve through diamonds if it they were butter filled crystals. Running at a massive speed allows her to effectively use the spinning blades dangerously towards her Target.
The moment she received the deadly weapon; Evaline took it home to paint over the shell in a faded shade of black as well as the bar. Coating sections of the barrel in splatters of red color; getting the look of blood being smeared along the blades and the entity of the whole chainsaw.
Over months of hard practice in Meditation, Evaline has acquired a advanced level of qi or ch’i (?/?) to the point where if she focuses all her inner energy and the life force around her, time seems to slow for her. Allowing for more effective blocks and counterattacks. When she uses her built up Ch’i in attacks, it appears as a faint blue light. Using this however can leave her drained since it fuels her energy.
Ch’i: is encountered in a number of Chinese martial arts. Qi is variously defined as an inner energy or “life force” that is said to animate living beings.
Evaline has also become adapted in using a vast majority of melee weapons. Though she never carries around any weapons, relaying on her vast understanding of Ch’i and hand to hand combat. She normally picks up the weapons on the battlefield and discards them after the fighting, feeling as though the weight of the metal would slow down her moves and cause weakness in her strikes since she depends on a swift attack.
Her weakness is also her greatest strength, that connection to the fake fantasy mind that she has created. Once that path is cut, Rayne is free to take over Evaline’s body and reek destruction over the fabric of reality. Pain is a trigger that could course this connection to be lost, if a massive amount of damage is done to Evaline’s physical form, her brain will shut down in order to devote its energy into healing the damage. This may cause the dormant darkness pulsing in Evaline to emerge.
Like all magic creatures, she is also highly affected by anti-magic.

Leilia Athen

The circumstances of their first initial meeting wasn’t the most positive; both were forced apart with prior relationships. It was during a innocent street walk that they first developed feelings for one another and had their first kiss on a bench just on the outskirts of the nymph park; the favoured spot the two like to spend their time since her darling girlfriend is a wonderful freckled Nymph.
She considers herself very blessed to have such an understanding woman in her life; even if Leilia doesn’t quite know this factor. Evaline is always complimented on her patience with Leilia and yet its important to note that the beautiful Nymph doesn’t question Eva about her past life or even relation; because she knows that it causes the sweet Asian pain. That is true understanding and commitment.
Evaline respected her current girlfriend at the time; so the two never expressed their affections more than a kiss. She knew that she had to end it with Enova which caused both sides a great amount of sadness; despite her strong emotions towards Leilia. Eva doesn’t regret her decision however, she loves her freckled perfection reincarnated with every fiber of her soul.
Then Douglass emerged out of nowhere and Eva learned about the history between her girlfriend and the Irish Devil; instead of running for the hills. She sat down and thought over the situation and came to the conclusion that Dougy was still very dear to Leilly and came to agreement that he can be her planting partner since Eva isn’t able to provide the nymph needs in order to make saplings.
They have been through death….heartbreak and sorrow and still remain strong as a couple; because Evally loves her Leilly pad to pieces.
When they first got together: Late July Of 2012
I am the darkness that you can’t face 
and the light that you can’t see… 
I am your every waking nightmare 
and your every sleeping dream… 
I am not here nor am I there 
but I am everywhere inbetween… 
I am everything that you wish you could be 
and nothing that I want to be… 
I am your broken heart 
and I’m your deepest love… 
I am every secret that eludes you 
and I am your very darkest thought… 
I am the good in the bad 
and the bad in the good.. 
I am awake even when I sleep 
and dead even though I am alive… 
I am the way your heart turns when it needs peace 
and the comfort of home that your soul needs… 
I am your death by the hour 
and I am your salvation by the second… 
I am a teacher for a moment 
and a student for the next… 
I am learning how to love you 
and trying not to regret… 
I’m the happy moments that we share 
and the sadness that steals our breath… 
I am everything you expect of me 
and at the same time I’m nothing at all….
Name: Rayne
Nickname: None
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Moral Alignment: Chaotic evil
Virtue/Creed: “I wonder what your deepest fear tastes like”
Hair: Grey/white
Eyes: A mixture of crimson red and black
Build: Tall woman, large bust concealed in armor
Skin Tone: The same as Evaline, maybe slightly more pale.
Height: 6″5″
Weight: 130 lbs
Voice: ?
Handed: Ambidextrous
Body Markings: None
Scar Tissue: None
Unique Body Features: Enlarged canines
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Rayne’s personality is quite different to Evaline’s in therms that is she is nothing more then a destructive being hell bent on seeking total domination over the existence of life and leaving nothing alive in fear that even a speckle of light will raise hope and spurt forth salvation.
Silent as the grave, only speaking to deliver her taunts of victory over any fool brave enough to stand up to her. She is a very old fashioned woman, this could be noted by the way she dresses and choice of melee weapon such in turn effects the way she interacts with people. Rayne is rarely polite but she does know how to respond correctly and proper.
Though she views herself as powerful, the woman isn’t stupid enough to think that she is the most powerful being out there; being quite modest in her ability to destroy which leads to civil level headed conversations that often lead to a bloody battle to the death.
The only fortunate souls that Rayne tolerates are the ones of the damaged, defiled, tortured, verge of death variety. She is like a mother to these poor victims; offering a sadistic afterlife coated in deceit. She allures these broken vessels with promises of never feeling that pain again and having the strength to have a taste of revenge against those that punished them. When in reality, Rayne encloses them in a endless circle of torture and despair until she decides that their dept is paid for helping them take their vengeance.

Defiled Innocence


Weak creatures
Life in general
Pretty much everything

Claymore (Affliction)
Buried in the darkest archive corner of the Abyss where Yama and Demon’s alike dare tread lightly or avoid it completely; rests a tomb depicting an ancient and powerful claymore that is carried by one of the Princesses of Vengeance and Anguish. The devastating sword has been recorded being wielded in the chilling clenches of Rayne; Sister to Anguish. A weapon birthed from heated steel fused with the very bond shared between the sisters; radiating with pure woe. The destructive tool’s whereabouts is unknown after the two Princesses vanished without a trace; however some have stated they witnessed a great battle between Rayne and a unbeknown figure; leading into her death. All this accounted for, it is still a mystery on what happened to her sister and the infamous blade that would prove very useful in the right hands.
Scholars translated the weapon was first seen during its creation; Hellfire mixed with foreign metal still unclassified by origin. The blacksmith was none other then Rayne’s sister, clouded in a mist of fiery steel as she worked tirelessly to please her beloved sibling. Its assembly was kept in secret, though small demon’s have a habit of slipping in through gaps; spying on unwarned patrons. The blonde swaying hair of the Princess crackled against the speckles of sliding metal as a large hammer smashed against the folds; straightening the notorious claymore into shape with each powerful swing.
Many years it took for the weapon to be perfected; going through hardships of both disapproval and fear from its strength alone, but the metalworker was determined to create such a beauteous instrument for her dearest sister. Leaving the confines of the local smithy to a more secluded area to resume the craftsmanship when too much panic-stricken discussion was verbalized over its production. Some say that it was the cause of the following events; others suspected more. One thing was for certain, it was capable of absorbing the souls of the abused; which was taboo, even for them.
The evidence of its forbidden power is in the design; if one was to look closely at the thick massive blade, able to cleave a grown man straight in half like he was a tub of butter. They might notice the twisting pattern of figures curling against each other and trying to claw upward; as if thinking if they reached the tip of the blade, they would be freed from this torment…..

Rayne feasts off of the negative energy of life; fueling it and channeling it into her own destruction abilities. She lives to exist off of death and tortuous agony so its only fair that the very essence is what drives her often to the bit of insanity when she is drawing in the flow.
One might argue that its the opposite channel of her sister, since Evaline’s ch’i is often seen in light blue surges of power, Rayne’s is seen as a red lightning effect and crimson surges of power. For this reason, she grows stronger the more evil the opponent is.
The love she has for her dear sister, the only person that will ever understand and accept the sadistic paths she decided to walk down. Evaline, the one being that loved her without condition to the point of letting her join in with her soul when she murdered, so even in death she wouldn’t be alone but be with the one person that will always cherish her.
Like all magical creatures she is also subject to Anti-magic.
“You know when another person needs you, counts on you – everything is different. Suddenly you know what matters more, you want things less, you think about how to protect what you have, what you need to do to keep that person with you. I do know I will do my best to make you happy.”

My Story Is...