Evangeline Altir

Who Am I...

An underground doctor and medium for hire

My Story Is...

Always her brother lays in the forefront of her mind, cursed by his dark ministrations all those years ago. One day she will break the curse he placed upon her, and overcome the finality of her life breathing down the back of her neck.

As many of her comrades have left, she fills her days with plundering as a wayward pirate, returning home to work as an underground doctor and medium for hire. Many folk are sent her way or come seeking her out, asking for surgery, herbs, a roof and food, or even assistance with interrogation.

Now landside again, this red head is at your service.


My Appearance

Five foot three and full of sass. A usual alabaster glow kissed golden by months in the sun on the high seas. Long crimson kinks fall to shoulder blades, usually arranged haphazardly. Honey-dipped golden eyes reign supreme, though eerie jeweled verdant tend to visit when the time is right. Lean but strong, whispered tone on curved planes of petite grace.



Eva 1

Eva 2


A small compass Al’dar gifted to her which she keeps on her at all times.

A rifle gifted to her by Naadir with a bayonet in the shape of an angelic wing.

A teleportation wristband given by Robert Oddman.

A War Spider of old that followed her home from the harsh desert of the land of the forgotten.

Items of value:

A strand of red hair from her brother Daylen Altir bound in leather.

A leather woven bracelet from Olivia Blackborne.

A small key and golden hairpin shaped like a bird’s feather, set with amethyst given by Jude Montangue.

A set of pearl earrings that are more than pretty to look at gifted by blood Saya Otonashi.

A necklace with three gems upon it gifted by Tenkei Kishimoto.

A pair of earnings and pendant of red and blue birds intertwined gifted by Jay Ray Oddman.

A decorative plate secreted away from Evaline’s orphanage that used to house cookies.

A vermilion silk scarf embroidered with “Eva the Red” in a rough hand, from Naadir Nasimov.

A small rum bottle with a letter inside unsent to Demon Hart.


My Secrets Are...

Deeply rooted in the back of her mind. Be careful, someone is watching.

I Believe...

Love and hate are on the same side of the coin