Eva Sparda

Who Am I...

A Nephalem Of course but shhhh.. I tell everyone I am a simple Demon. 😉

Romantic Interests

Men. I do love men.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

You will have to ask to learn that information. I do not share easily but hand me a fire whiskey, some jelly beans or bacon cheeseburgers and we will get along just fine…

My Appearance

Appearance: Silver hair, amethyst eyes, pale complexion. Slender and athletic build, 6’3. (Transcended form: Red hair, eyes of red flames.)

Distinctive markings: A tattoo of a sword, spear and scythe on her inner, left forearm. Her back is a mass of scarring. From her waistline to her neck. Most are over 100 years old and are white threads but there are some that had never faded much.  She also has a tattoo on her right  hip. A pair of angel wings to remind herself that she is not just a demon. A small tattoo’d stylized M on her right wrist interlocked with a K and a T. A small heart was just above the letters.

I Believe...

Everyone has a purpose….