-Everett Savage-


“Matter of life and death? What’s the difference?”

Who Am I...

Everett Savage

Romantic Interests

Males and Females

Relationship Status

"Uh, Single."

My Story Is...

Everett is an ass.
“Oi! Shut the fuck up!”
Ah ah ah, Everett, good impressions.
“Ugh, just narrate already. Insensitive bit-”
Okay, okay!

Everett Savage was born in a dimension of Abnormal people. In which here you are born as a hybrid or half. Everett a werewolf, one of the most common breeds. He was born with his twin brother Danté Savage, and they are fairly close. When Everett was merely 7, his parents left him and his brother to the harsh, cruel world. As being an orphan, Everett ended up taking care of himself.

Obviously, that didn’t pan out very well. Everett had behavior issues all throughout school, constantly getting into fights and being expelled, thus going to many different schools. Teachers and principals sent him to counselers, who tried to connect with Everett, but were unsuccessful. To this day Everett has a quick temper, but manages to pull himself through without getting into fights all the time. Even though Everett was such a JD, he managed to get pretty good grades throughout highschool. But no college would expect him due to his bad record.

When it comes to reletionships with Everett, romatically, he has the tendency to be very flirtatious. He’ll constantly tell you good thing about yourself and act a little goofy, also very protective. Platonic reletionships consist of arguing about dumb shit and pulling pranks, sometimes he’ll bug you to spar with him.

“Alright, your done here, let them figure out the rest when they meet me, this is getting too personal now.”
Uh huh. Drama king.

My Appearance

Skin Color: pale white
Hair Color: dark blue, almost black
Eye color: cold, icy blue
Height: 6’5
Weight: 160 Ibs
Body Type: Lean and muscular

Everett has many wounds and such from previous hunting all over his body, such as scars, burns, cuts, etc*. He sports a tattoo on his left shoulder of a blue rose, with cracked ice surrounded by it. On his back is a simple toxic symbol, a tattoo that Danté gave Everett to show how toxic Everett is when you meet him.

Everett typically dresses in emo clothing, black shirts, black jeans, chains, fingerless gloves, big combat boots decked with chains. He sometimes wears black eyeliner because he seems to still be going through, “it’s not a phase mom!”

Everett’s appearence leads many people to believe that he is bisexual, but he really doesn’t identify with any sexuality. He just says he likes guys and girls, there’s nothing else to it.


**Satchel, phone, charger, jewelry, clothing, stolen goods, black eyeliner, etc***

My Secrets Are...

“Oh? No, you don’t have access to those..”

I Believe...

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"