Everleigh Paxton

My Story Is...

“Magic is a dark and elemental force, not just a lot of sparkly wands and crystal balls.”
Personal Information…

Name: Everleigh Paxton

Nicknames: Ever, Leigh, Thumper and Sihir (by Xander)

Age: 21

Birth Date: December 21

Race: Witch

Height: 5’5

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: hazel

Sexual Preference: Omnisexual

Romantic Interests: Dallen Von, Iejiel Demir

Home World: Asmiara

Positions: Leader of the Paxton Clan, Concept of Magic, Creator of Dragons, Princess of Astoria

Face Claim: Lily Collins



Kyrell Giese

Rioghnan Sullivan


Catalina Paxton

Dahlia Paxton

Amelie Zagurain

Step Mother (s):

Ansley Morgan-Giese

Liana Von-Giese

Grandmother (s): 

Sereia Paxton

Grandfather (s):

Rayis Paxton

Aunts and Uncles:

Kieran Isadora Giese

Dahlia Paxton

Cinaed Giese

Siblings (natural and in laws):

Kieran Giese

Aiyana Lavoie

Adelaide James

Keir Giese-Vesela

Aradia Giese-Vesela

Colden Giese

Laufeia Paxton-Giese

Casimir Paxton-Giese

Lanai Vesela-Giese

Hawthorne Giese

Anya Morgan-Giese

Gavirella Paxton

Inanna Giese

Nieces and nephews:

Kuval Lavoie-Giese

Dinah Lavoie-Giese

Kira Giese

Kian Giese


Aila Giese

Skylen Paxton


Narya Paxton-Giese

Deyanira Paxton-Giese

Dojan Keir Paxton-Von

The Past…


In the beginning their was the Void and from the Void sprung the first light, the being that would become to be known as Aine and the one that created my kind. She created six beings based on concepts that she believed her world that she created would need to succeed. This world is called Asmiara and the first race on this world was called witches, magical beings created by the goddess Aine, and once upon a time in another life I was one of them. It my first life I was one of the first of my kind to walk our world, the concept of magic.


However, the concepts originally meant to be immortal gave up their immorality to do a spell that would imprison the child of the first dragon and everything changed. A war broke out and six of the original clans vanished believed to be destroyed each going off into the world, as a young woman named Sloane took the remaining clans and buried the past leaving us with the stories we have today.


Growing up…

I have been reborn countless times through out time. However, this life time I was born the daughter of Kyrell Giese and Catalina Paxton or so I believed for many years. I was actually born the child of Rioghnan Sulliven and Dahlia Paxton. Dahlia and her sister Catalina had a lot of problems. Cat always believed she was in her sister’s shadow. As a result of that and the fact that Catalina had witnessed the death of her son, Skylen at her lover Bryceton’s hand, she knew she had to protect the child she was with now at any cost. It was believed that both twins Dahlia and Cat were pregnant by the same man Kyrell, who was their lover. However, while it was true that Catalina’s twins were both his it would only be one of Dahlia’s that belonged to him. My twin brother Hawthorne while another man would be my father.


Catalina gave birth to her kids and was surprised when she had two of them.. She decided to hide her son and trade me for her daughter, Gavi. However, as it turned out Dahlia also had two able to save my brother by given him to a friend of hers in the Salinas clan for safe keeping. I was switched and Gavi my cousin vanished however, Catalina keep her son locked up and hidden away to raise.


I was taken and raised by Catalina and Bryce. Bryce had only killed his son because he had the same power as he did. Bryce’s father had broken his mind and Bryce had tried to train Cat who had the same power. Finding that he failed her he wanted to ensure that his child didn’t suffer the same fate, the only way he knew how by killing him. Catalina was fueled by her desire to protect her son from his father and to also find a way to make me so tough that nothing could kill me.


As a result, I lived the first eight years of my life with them. Cat did all sorts of experiments on me trying to weave death into me. These experiments were painful and I spent a lot of my time alone. I thought some day I could die until he came. The nurse who had helped with the birth had tested the girl child and she later told Ky abut her being his and as such he came to find his daughter. The daughter that he thought was me that we all thought was me until Rio came and told me the truth.


During this time I craved the one thing Catalina seemed incapable of giving me, her love. However, she did love me she just didn’t show it like other people. I was alone except for the animals that graced the estate. It was within these animals I found my first friends. The very first of which was a spider. This spider was my companion and from her I learned the language of animals and slowly learned to speak to them.


My mother discovered my friend one day and she killed it. I lashed out and for the first time my mother was afraid. She left the house and I would have left there and then if it wasn’t for my friends babies. They were born and one of them I bonded with. That spider became my new companion and I connected it to my life force. It has been with me ever since dying only when I die. I spent many years as part of my mother’s experiments.


My father, my hero….



Kyrell came for me believing me to be his daughter. When he came he was horrified at the condition that he found me in. He believed in family first and the fact that someone had done this to their own child was something he couldn’t understand. He was so mad that he would have killed Catalina had I not begged him to spare her life.


He was unable to refuse my request because he loved me and because I was the victim and witch law says that the victim chooses the punishment. However, he stripped her of her title as Paxton Clan head and would hold in trust for me till I came old enough to take my leadership test. He seemed a god to me sweeping in to save me from a night mare and taking me home. However, my homecoming was not going to be what I expected.


I was a very sick little girl and my father and mother had lots of enemies  So, he thought it was best to say I was the daughter of a friend who had died and he was taking care of me. I would live in my own house safe, hidden from those that might try to hurt me. I was so upset. I wanted to live with my family and no loner be alone.


A new home…


My father would come down with the wasting sickness and as a result I would be mostly taken care of by my older brother Kieran. I also was introduced to my brother Keir who always thought we weren’t close because I didn’t spend as much time with him as with Kie and Cole. Colden my youngest brother was about my age and had lost his mother to the wasting sickness when he was four. He was the apple of my father’s eye and he saw me as competition for his affection. However, despite this we care for each other deeply.


My brother Cole and Kie fell for the same girl, a girl named Adelaide and as a result of my brother Kieren sleeping with a woman by the name of Ciara. Ada was supposedly killed by a demon named Dasan. This resulted in Cole’s ascension to the concept of death and the his killing Ada’s brother. Ada who wasn’t dead only kidnapped by Dasan who wanted Kieran to admit his feelings for the girl, because he was their father became mad blaming Kieran and seeking revenge.


However, he would find out that he was the one and Cole had done it out of mercy. She forgive them both and they found out that the shape shifting, Dasan had shifted into Kyrell to sleep with his wives and have them. So, they are actually both men’s father because of the way his powers work. This confused them for awhile but they came to grips with it.


I grew up to be very much like Kyrell. I was known for being hot tempered and extremely opinionated about what I felt a fact that caused my father and I to fight. I found out later that my biological mother Dahlia had been sent to Earth and put in an institution by her sister who had convinced her she was crazy and their was no such thing as magic. After my step mother Ansley returned and she reunited with my father, my father went to retriever her and the truth of everything that had happened came out.


Including the fact that Cat was still doing experiments. As such a woman named Amelie was sent to kill her by the victims and it caused her to meet my father and later become pregnant carrying my future brother or sister. We have had a few bumps in our relationship because she killed my mother and I thought my father should have and because I felt that she didn’t care about me. We are working through those and recently are working on being friends.

A Chance Encounter…




Years would past and things would continue this way it was around this time that I met Dallan Von. The son of the man whom had worked with my mother as a child and the man whom had conditioned me to obey him. A fact that he would tell his son. His son decided he loved me. I fact I wanted nothing to do with at the time. He decided to use his father’s training to ensure I wouldn’t deny him. He worked on breaking the training so I would answer to him and only to him. He is also one of my brother Keir’s best friends.


The training seems to have worked as time moved on I found myself growing fond of him. We had two children together and our son was given to someone else who lied and said it was their child with him. The wolves among which he belonged view Dal as the next great king and they didn’t want him to be tied to a witch. Our daughter died and was turned into a monster that I was forced to kill in order to give her peace. He says he loves me and will do whatever he can to make it right. I believe him the real question is how do I feel about him.

My Priestess, my cousin, my friend..




My father was reunited with the sister he thought had died as a child. He had thought she was killed by wolves in the woods when their parents had left them to die. He had brought what everyone thought to be nothing but a corpse back. However, she was alive and they burned her thinking it the only way to force Kyrell to let go. By chance and her powers the burnt remains began to heal itself. She was broken and crazy but over time she feel in love and with his help made her way home with her husband and daughter.


I met my cousin one day at my father’s home having no idea who she was at the time. he chased me around the table and her boldness made me think she was a bit odd. I thought she was crazy for saying she was my cousin because I didn’t know my aunt was alive. The fact that she liked me caused me to blush but we became friends and so much more.


A little slice of heaven…




One night, when I was out investigating some missing people. I ran into Iejiel, he actually saved my life that night. I knew from the moment I met him he was special. I was drawn to him and he too me. Deciding to reward him we became fast friends and even faster lovers. Since, that day I found myself drawn to my new friend. It might be said I don’t know a lot about him but really when is love rational.


I try to find any excuse to see him though with both of us being busy it isn’t always that easy. Sometimes, I feel the separation more than I think I should. Is this what it means to be in love? I just know that every day I grow closer and closer to him. It is different from the slow growing affection I feel for Dal. This is a flame that was sparked from the moment I met him and it grows brighter every day. I just hope it doesn’t consume us both.


I finally found out by chance that Iejiel was a member of a ground known as powered that live in Erendalle one of the human settlements. Despite the fact hat he grew up encouraged not to love he loves me. He along with his father, myself, and a few others held a coup to change the ways things are done where he lives. I agreed to help however due to Bryce I had lost my memory during the attempt and after ward he was mad at me for a time but somehow we always find ourselves returning to each other.


Ie took the reigns during the coup and what plans he has for his home land and whether or not it will be successful only time will tell. The one thing I do know is he went through the ringer for me passing three tests designed by Bryce and taking the connection that Bryce once tricked me into having. He face a monster, saved it, and saw the truth and was forever changed all to save me, if that isn’t devotion I don’t know what is.


My Priest, my lover, my warrior…




During the coup, Bryce whom I had a past with because he had been dating my mother Catalina, who wasn’t my real mother because she had switched me with my cousins to keep her children safe. However, she failed to switch my brother Hawthorne as well because my real mother Dahlia was able to give him to the Salinas clan to be raised. But, Bryce along with Cat had raised me and I was none to happy to see him. I discovered something about him during this time that he didn’t want me to remember. So, he tried to erase my memory and by accident all my memories were gone. He lied and told me that I was his wife and convinced me to do a very old bond that would mean we were married unless he gave the bond to someone else.


There was something about Bryce’s story that keep bugging me and I was out in the woods thinking when I met Alexander Equinox. He was a lost soul in his own right. He was from another reality from our own, the Xander from our reality was dead, having once been married to my father’s friend, Amelie. This version found the sins of the other seemed to cloud the opinion of others and on his own and missing the world that had been destroyed when he got here he was alone.


He helped me to retrieve my memories after I was kind to him. We grew close and became lovers. He swore to protect me and took me to his vault, a place where he keeps memories of his past lives. It was there we discovered that we had a life together. My first to be exact when he had been the high priest of magic. A role he offered to retake and I agreed happy because it meant he would stay by my side.


Sadly after my redrawing for a period of time Xander and I went our own ways. He is no longer my priest. I came to understand some things about who I am and who he is and we got into an argument. I haven’t seen him since and some part of me will always care for him. I wish him the best wherever his path might lead him.

Moving on…



After my mother Catalina came back to live with the help of her son. I sought her out after finding out that Kyrell had forgiven her. First, I was mad but when I came to understand why she had done it all. I came to find that sometimes it is better to forgive than to hang on the past. I even forgave Bryce for his sins when he laid it on the line and explained it all. Offering them both a second chance if they so choose it to be reverted to kids and raised by me. Bryce offered saying it would be in my rights to treat them as they did me. However, I would never do that. I would give them a good childhood and a chance to see if with the right person to love and look after them if they could be more.


After the last fight with my father I discovered the truth of who my father really is after being pulled into the Void by him. My world was shattered having always put such stock in being Kyrell’s daughter. My world was destroyed I had fought for so long because of who I thought I was and it felt like once again the rug was pulled under my feet. So, I cut all ties and fled wanting to hide from the pain of the world and to sleep and for now I am traveling, avoiding those I once knew and seeking out a life of nothingness.


I came out of hiding and realized that I needed my family and that family is what you make of it. I became sick and Ie along with my father Kyrell found ways to try and help me as I learned more about my past lives and powers within the Void, the death of my twin brother causing me to use the last bit of my old body out, allowing my essence to scatter out to the cosmos wanting to give all people a bit of happiness, however, the cries of my loved ones caused me to ascend to concept allowing me to recreate myself using bits of those I cared for and become reborn as the concept of magic, once again.


A New Beginning, a New Priest, and endings…




A chance encounter with someone who said he knew my first life caused me to raise an eyebrow but more than that he claimed that I had made the wrong choice for my high priest. Claiming I needed someone that understood the darker parts of magic, the wilder parts and that he was that person. Was that why I had sought out more dangerous thing as of late? Or why I had been letting my powers run more and more unchecked? Was he right and part of my balance was off?


He was egocentric and bold and made me consider things I hadn’t before so I agreed to give him a chance. Perhaps, the recent death of my baby sister had some effect on my reaching out to him more and more that and the disappearance of her my father’s once friend Amelie, who I half think left because she found out my father was displeased with her. the truth however I have no idea. She did seem to have a habit of running when things got hard. The important thing is being there for my family and realizing that no matter what comes in the future we shall family face it together. Family First after all.


Powers and skills…



Illusions: Ever is able to create illusions. She can make the illusions so real that they can become real.She can pull the illusions she creates into the real world. Ever uses illusions to hide the scars from her childhood for others. She can also create illusions in the minds of others around her making them see whatever it she wishes them to see.


Animal Communication: Ever can understand and talk to animals. They are her friends and they will come to her aid if she needs it. Her closest friend is a spider that she bound to her life force. Though, she can communicate with all animals she prefers, spiders and insects and uses them to spy for her.


Decay: Ever can decay anything she touches. She makes it age slowly till it turns to dust. She can send this out into the ground around her decaying the area in which she is standing. She can do the opposite to a small degree though she hasn’t quite mastered the reverse of making something that is decayed return to it’s past glory.


Water Control: A legacy from her grandmother who is the mermaid queen. Ever has control over the oceans and water. She has only just discovered this power and is slowly learning to understand it.


Archery: Ever can blend magic into her shots to make them more powerful. She is a very good shot having trained since she was a child.



My Appearance