The Librarian


I suppose you’ve met my kin? He has a…certain fixation with collections. 

However, we’re not cut from the same cloth.

Consider myself to be a scalpel, where he is the hammer.

Granted, I too have my own collection but that is more of books.


As with the existence of the Primordial known as ‘The Collector’, the Librarian can be seen as the more better half of the rather sadistic being. Where the Collector favored tactics of slow manipulation, the Librarian found themselves situating with a rather honest, charming air approach. They worked their way into inner circles perfectly, struck up connections and landed their face in the spotlight, rather than skulking in the surrounding shadows.

Even with the more out in the open approach to humanity, the Librarian always kept notes on their dangerous kin, constantly jotting down notes and observing from afar to ensure that the goal of the Collector was not tampered or faltered in any way. Though, as this came to be, the Librarian found that the Collector was rather…unawares of their kin, instead driven and focused on amassing souls, items and a plethora of tales to tell in the dark.


The Librarian? Well, their goal was to simply keep an eye on the other primordial until the time was right whilst favoring to spend any free time reading and -soon enough- amassing a collection of their own: books. Slowly, they used their time and primordial standing to create a little pocket dimension of their own: a grand reading room. A library of their personal tastes and text to test them.

From works of Shakespeare, to the fictitious adventures of superheroes in comics, to simple annals of history and finally the ever growing observations of the Collector, the library grew and grew until the Librarian began to find themselves more at home within their little domain of delicacy over the world of humans. Though, they did take the time to step out and engage with their violent counterpart.