Ezekyle von Schatten


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Who Am I...

The number 1 Hero

Romantic Interests

Romance is not needed in the pursuit of justice but if you are a woman of strong will and determination then you may be worthy of my time.

My Story Is...


Ezekyle was raised in a wealthy family within the city of Consequence, always spoiled and given everything he ever wanted. Being raised as such lead to Ezekyle’s way of handling others who were not members of the family or staff as lower lifeforms, or as he refers to them as ‘peasant trash’. He truly believes his superiority and makes sure that those around him know their place. This of coarse has lead to him not being popular among those his age and in fact feared by most. Though Ezekyle never saw the reason for making friends, his family and the head maid were all he needed for companions. Sadly enough karma had a cruel way of striking at him with the death of his parents when he was only 9 years old. Their will stated that he was to be raised by the head maid who considered Ezekyle like her own little brother, and that property would be purchased for them in a rural area outside the city.


In a new home much less extravagant compared to the home he was raised in though still large just for two people, Ezekyle began his new life in the rural town outside of Consequence. At first the other children wanted to get to know what the city boy was like, but because of his cold nature and superiority complex the other children stayed away from him. This in some way is what he wanted, to be left alone and to be feared. He didn’t need friends he always thought, he had his head maid who was like a sister to him and best friend. Despite his attempts to scare everyone away or make them grovel at his feet there was always one boy who stood up against him and would never leave him alone.


Viktor Knight would always step in when Ezekyle was teaching the lowly peasants their place and they fought each other very often. One would think this would lead to them to hate one another, in Viktor’s case he in fact did not hate Ezekyle but saw him as a friendly rival. Ezekyle on the other hand despises Viktor for the lowly peasant that he his, though he will never admit the Viktor was Ezekyle’s first real friend. They both shared one common aspect, their admiration towards heroes. However their views on what a hero should be like drastically differed from one another and was often the cause to many of their squabbles.


Ezekyle’s childhood continued with him always as the bad guy and Viktor the hero. With Viktor’s naive way of heroics annoying Ezekyle like nails on a chalkboard Ezeklye sought to crush any and every hope and dream that passed¬† through Viktor’s head. Always getting in each others way they fought countless times, as Viktor favored his strong punches, Ezekyle relied on his speed and kicking power that was beat into his body through his martial arts training with his head maid. Their fights were normally drawn out battles till both collapsed or until the “demon” maid broke them up. Despite this behavior the two were good friends and rivals to the very end.


At the age of 18 Ezekyle had noticed his days to be much quieter than normal. There had seemed to be less annoyances around town and he got away with some ghastly deeds without being stopped. Ezekyle soon found out that his rival Viktor had packed up and set out on a journey to Persistence without telling him. Well of coarse the lowly peasant wasn’t going to get away that easily. Ezekyle packed up his bag, grabbed as much money he could carry and set after his rival. Ezekyle was looking forward to having Viktor grovel at his feet, it was time he put an end to his friends silly dreams and show him who will truly become the greatest hero.

My Appearance

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Ezekyle von Schatten stands at roughly 6’2” and weighs just about 180 lbs. His body is slim with tightly developed muscles that keep him light on his feet. He has light skin without a single blemish and fierce blueish green eyes that were once hazel, but due to SOLDIER enhancements and a Mako bath Ezekyle has undergone some changes . A full head of jet black spiky hair that he keeps long for the wind to blow through for dramatic effect and always wears a pair of black finger-less gloves to keep up his bad boy appearance.

I Believe...

Heroism does not necessarily need to be fair. Acts of heroics don't always have to follow the rules to the letter. Sometimes evil is required to fight greater evils. Justice is served in many forms, snuffing the lights from the eyes of the wicked as they beg for mercy beneath my boot is the most efficient coarse of action.