Ezra Blaine



Who Am I...

Ezra is one of the Soulless, a creature without a soul and a body that is run through with golden veins and blood. A creature of the void.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Image result for Tom Ellis kissEzra is a simple man who was born to a purpose and that purpose, at least initially, was to race. On a planet in the far reaches of the galaxy, there is a ruling class of people called the Kaldari who rule the planet with an iron grip. That iron grip is enforced through the use of a motor sport. That sport involves two individuals who use two motor vehicles, often motorcycles, to joust. The loser typically ends up broke, injured, or worse. Sometimes, things don’t go exactly as you plan.


From an early age, Ezra partook of the sport and he was one of the most talented of the up and coming elites until an injury took out one of his knees and he was unable to hold his own on the field again. Retiring, he inevitably met and eventually married his first wife, Emris, who bore him a daughter. Several years passed by in relative peace but that peace was broken by criminals who were sent to collect debts owed to the corrupt Kaldari who mistook his family for another.


After he was knocked unconscious, but not killed, the criminals took their time in murdering his wife and even his little girl who had just started school. Wracked with survivors guilt and with a seething rage, a change began to take place in his body, first being the set of wings that came from beneath his flesh at his back as if they had always been there. The next was in his regular, normal abilities which were more magical than human.


With these new abilities and the set of wings, he found that his knee had healed and after learning that with an efficient win of a tournament of the Kaldari’s own sport could get him into their city, he made it his personal task to win, using his wings as his primary weapon in the joust battles.


Eventually, his plan came to fruition and he was able to kill the Kaldari that had sent the criminal scum to kill his family over money that wasn’t even owed to them, by them. However, it left his mind scarred and as a direct result, he took a flight off planet and hasn’t stopped since.

My Appearance

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