I come in peace, searching for other forms of intelligent life. Please watch your temper, I don’t tolerate abuse. Don’t take my insults as anything more than playful banter, really, don’t take them personally. And I prefer the term shapeshifter, not werewolf. Before you think that wolf joke youre about to make is funny and unique, think again, I’ve heard it before and I will resent you for it.

Who Am I...

Rose Abigail Barre

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

When I was born, I had both of my parents, and a loving tribe who adored their new little royal. But that didn’t last long. Shortly after my birth, my tribe was attacked, and my parents were warned that our tribe would be destroyed. They entrusted me to the keepers to take care of me and teach me about what I was. But they had to wait, until I was old enough to understand. So they placed me with a human family who took care of me until I came of age for my first transformation. At that point the keepers knew they could wait no longer, and told me what I was. But I didn’t want to believe their words……because they would completely turn my life upside down. I had a prophecy attached to me, as the last living member of my tribe. I had a soulmate, only one other person in the world that was destined to be my mate and rebuild my tribe. And if I loved anyone else, I would be cursed. I was angry, and I was scared, so I ran. I escaped the keepers, and I’ve been on the run ever since.

My Appearance

5’3, brunette, long hair that is 3/4 of the way down my back when I let it down but usually I have it up or in a braid. I’m very fair skinned ( I burn in five minutes) and often mistaken for a ghost or apparition for my paleness. I have long eyelashes that are often the first thing people notice if I bother to borrow makeup. Usually I don’t. I have forest green eyes with gold around the pupil, like a sunflower. My face is nothing special, average really, easy to forget for many, which is good for me because it’s easier to hide from the keepers when nobody remembers what I look like. I often wear a hood to cover my hair, because although to regular humans my hair is simply brown, to the keepers and some other supernatural beings, my hair appears to have strands of every color. They could easily pick me out in a crowd of thousands unless my hair was covered. I have a rather soft figure, despite the fact that I’m always outdoors, hunting or hiding from the keepers.
As a wolf, I’m rather small, with soft, light grey fur and a bushy tail. I’m light enough and small enough to be cradled in the arms of an average human. I’m very friendly in this form, if a bit skittish and shy. It’s not easy to feel so small and vulnerable.


A small pack, big enough to hold the few things I need but small enough that I can drag it in my wolf form. In it is a flip phone for emergencies, a bottle for water, a knife, a lighter, a fleece blanker, and some small sentimental items, pictures and such from my past. And I always carry my mother’s old locket because it helps me to feel like I’m nit totally alone in this world. The things I carry aren’t things you would think of most likely, but as a fox I don’t need much, and as a human I can eat whatever I hunt or forage, and whatever warmth I need when I am unable to shift.

My Secrets Are...

My fears. I act braver than I am, because I fear being seen for what I am, a vulnerable, sensitive girl with scars inside and out. I’m afraid of the dark, and bugs, all the silly things children fear. I have a dark past, that I wish not to discuss. If you’re special enough to get so close to me, and you’re curious enough to ask, I’ll tell you what you wish to know. Good luck with that, very few people are allowed into my head and memories, for their own good. But I do enjoy company, and affection, just like most creatures do.

I Believe...

that this world would be a better place if you humans would be more sympathetic towards your own race and others