Faith Scolace

Who Am I...

A changeling running from her family.

Romantic Interests

Both male and female (mostly female)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Faith grew up through out the first 6 years of her life as royalty. Her father Xavier treated her like she was perfect and she loved it, however, it didn’t last long after. On her 7th birthday, she was introduced to her baby brother Gaige. A half breed albino, he was born in a lab and created from her father’s own desire to have the strongest kingdom. After realizing that her father was kidnapping children and experimenting on them she fled far away before the same could be done to her.

My Appearance

Being a shapeshifter her appearance can change a lot. However her true from is that of a five foot 4 inches tall female with solid white skin and hair.

She has a very lean, athletic build. Her hair stops just above her shoulders while falling slightly into her face just above her solid black eyes.


She has a small pouch of vials at her waist next to a few throwing daggers

She wears light leather armor and a dark green cloak.

She always has very finely crafted short sword at her side (most defiantly stolen)

My Secrets Are...

I am being hunter by the family I abandoned.

I Believe...

That one day I can be free