" The [Empire] Of the Fallen Sapphire. "





Who Am I...

" The [Empire] Of the Fallen Sapphire. "

Romantic Interests

" I am an [Empire] Not a [Person]. "

My Story Is...

~ [The] Fallen Rose Mafia ~


~ The Kallani War-Fleet ~


~ Death to the Ruby [Ground Force] ~


~ Red-Knights Air Military Capability ~


~ Arch-Chaos Black Legion ~


~ Arch-Chaos Red Legion ~


~ Extraction Team: [Mythic] ~


~ Arc-Legion ~

My Appearance

” I am not a being but rather a group of beings, so, unfortunately, I do not have an appearance. Everyone located within the [Empire] Of the Fallen Sapphire has their own appearance, and as I represent the [Empire] Of the Fallen Sapphire itself. I do not have an appearance, but those who reside inside of the [Empire] I represent do have appearances. Each usually unique to one’s own. “


” Unfortunately, these things are off-limits to those not allowed past the gates of the [Empire] So. We cannot share this with you. We hope you understand if you come back. You will be turned away again. Please seek permission to enter past the gates if you would like to know this information. Otherwise, this information will stay secret, and you will be forbidden to seek it out. If you attempt to you will be apprehended. “

My Secrets Are...

” This information is off-limits to anyone without clearance to know these. Even natural-born natives of the [Empire] You will be apprehended if you attempt to proceed any further. This information and the faults, as well as the security protocols to access it will not be shared with anyone, who has not received express permission to access them from the Emperor himself. Please seek permission from the Emperor, to access this information. “

I Believe...

" In the Legend of the Fallen Sapphire. "