Long ago, an Angel named Kalmiya fell in love with a human men. For an angel it was forbidden to love anyone beside God, so Kalmiya tried to hide the men and her love for him. One day she told her best friend Inias about her secret loveaffaire. Kalmiya did not see how blindly loyal Inias was towards God and he revealed her secret. God decided to punish her for her lies, but to give her what she wished for – he send her to earth with her beloved men. He took away her wings and her powers, making her mortal. Kalmiya was unbeliveable sad, since she never saw herself as anything but an angel. A mortal life with the men she loved, which means only a few years, wasn’t enough for her. After giving brith to her first daughter Mastema, seeing she had the looks and heart of an angel, she made a deal with God. Kalmiya wanted her powers back to be alive forever and do the same to her husband. She would pause her childrens life every 2 years, to take the year from them. Her male Children would fight evil on earth and after half of theyre life is over she would sacrafice them to God. Kalmiya wasn’t dumb, she knew God was in need of a new angel which could take her place. God accepted and until now Kalmiya had 112 Children in 275 years on earth, but still God could not find his angel. Until Kalmiya gave God his new angel she had to kill them by her own hands.None of her Children were pure enough yet no matter how much evil they would fight. Kalmiya was hiding the little Village as good as she could, not wanting her Childs to get involved with things harming theyre innocent souls.
One day she suddenly got pregnant with twins, which has never happen before. Anton and Michelle Justice (Mj) were born. Soon Kalmiya understood that these Children were different to her others and may stopped her living hell, of killing her own Children.

Who Am I...

Mj has a strong sense for justice and fairness. She does not want people to get hurt in any ways and studied alot about healing and health methods. She is in generel kind and sweet but since she hasn't seen much of the world beside her village, she is rather scared and overhelmed. Also she can be annoying at first sight beeing shy and over-polite, but once she opens up a little she is a grat friend and listener

Romantic Interests

She is 19 but looks like a 14 years old since she already gave up 4 years to her mother. She does not have any loveintrests but is very intrested in love itself

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

After Mj and Anton were born, they stick to together all the time beeing avoided by her brothers and sister because they were different and got more attention from her mother. At the age of 5 Kalmiya stopped Mj’s life for the first time. It is a painful year for the child but Mj accepts her fate. Anton was soon trained with his other 3 brothers how to fight evil on eath such as Kishis, Wendigos or Hydras. He is often gone to the forst with his father and his brothers.



At the same time Mj and her 5 sisters pray and learn about health and healing instead of fighting. She learns how to let flowers grow, how to use them to do potions often used to heal her injured brothers.

With the age of 7 Anton discovers his powers. He could send low power energy waves and  had Claircognisance – which means he gains informations about objects, people, monsters, etc through instinct. Mj finds out about her powers 2 years later. The first to discover and not really seen as a power was her Medical Intuition –  Instinctively understanding anatomical workings and medical needs with no prior knowledge. But later she noticed when she closes her eyes she can see everything within 100 Meters. Same goes with her ears and hearing. She did not like the power, while excersising it she was numb. Not feeling anything. Shortly after, she noticed she could give this power away to another person, seeing whatever the person sees or hearing whatever the person hears. Even going inside the persons thought if they would let her in. Ending the connection to sudden, can cause both of them a bad headache but has not further consequences.

Her mother then would use her power often to help her brothers on their missions. They would cover Mj completly in sheets so she could not cut the connection by opening her eyes. Mj spend many days like this, feeling completly numb, seeing everything her brothers did with the creatures they haunted.



One day Kalmiya decides to send all of her sons into the forest to hunt a dangerous Wendigo, one of the oldest they’ve ever seen. After 2 days all of them but Anton came back hurt badly. Out of worry over her son, she send Mj alone to find him with her powers of seeing and hearing.
Mj starts her journey on the same day, having potions, special berrys and self made maps with her.

After finding the witch Micah in the Blue Moon Tavern, Micah decides to help Mj save her brother. Sadly Anton was already possesed by it and had to be killed in order to get rid of the Wendigo.

Mj felt sad over her loss, but had experienced losing her brothers and sisters the last 19 years. After talking to a few people in the Tavern, she is not yet sure if she wants to go back to her old life – giving away everything for a God she did not know.

My Appearance

Mj is 4’6 (1.37 m) and thin. Her skin is very light and her hair -even eyebrows and eyelashes- are white, just like her eyes. This made her look like a human albino but some sort of glowing goes away from her. The dress she is wearing is white as well. Only her backpack was brown. Even tho she is 19, she looks no day older then 14. Also she is barefoot, so she can feel what she is walking on.


Mj travels with only one backpack, it is brown and old.
Inside the Backpack she has a few maps drawn by herself, papers and pens.
Beside that a few Potions and Berrys for healing.
Nothing inside her Backpack could harm anyone, she does not even own a knife.

My Secrets Are...

She does not belive in a forgiving God but a cruel God. She could never speak this out loud, it is her biggest secret. She does belive in the good in people without following such thing as God blindly.

I Believe...

In Humanity and fairness