Kenize Red

Intro Video



Father:Fredrick Red

Mother:Donna Red [Fr. Moonwood]

Younger Sister:Shannon Everston

Complicated Sister In-Law:Stacy/Ashley Everston

Niece:Gold Everston


Brother:Derrick Red

Sister In-Law:N/A

Ex-Wife:Hailey Chirstine

Daughter:Greta Red

Son:Mordecai Red

Who Am I...

Kenize The Owner Of Pink Diner

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Dirvoced 🙁

My Story Is...

December 2nd..

I was born in the early evening in the settlement of The District Of Issy to Fredrick Red and Donna, as there first child

Loving Mother..

2 years after I was born, I was able to meet my baby sister who I helped name and we came up with Shannon Destiny Red.

Awhile after that, many a few years or so I meet my youngest slibbing..Derrick Red

Father’s Training..

I would help both of my parents raise my slibbings, in doing so I was rewarded with early swordmanship training from my father, I crafted my first sword that I won’t name till after a terrible incident

Local Bestie..

Growing up, it was easy and then I meet some friends one of them being Edna Thornson.

A Nice Dragon Girl and Daughter to a Goddess Of That Species, she would later save my life

Slihbings Spilt..

I decided to open up a diner called the Pink Diner, my sister went off and found her own life.

My Brother became my father’s next student, having him join the Guard and so would Edna

Bird Incident

Soon I would run my own diner, it was a crisp and light morning when it happened..Edna and her new lover would be at the booth when a wizard came in and had problems with literally everyone

Edna and Her Lover would tell the man to leave, he did but not before turning me into a bird which is why my swords called the Wizards Bird.. ironic

Young Lovers

I found a girl during the Void Crisis, Move to The Republic Of Everston..Have Greta and Mordecai..distancing myself from my sister

I would have lost the spark for her and I talked with my daughter, who’d tell me to be happy which is what I choose to do

My Appearance


Given Name:Kenize

Middle Name:Moonwood



Birth Certificate Date:12/2/XX





Eyes:Sapphire Blue


Hair/Eyebrows/Eyelashes:Dark Brown

Hair Sizes:Long/Long/Medium

Nose Shape:Void Turn

Mouth Lipshade:Purple

•Work Outfit•

Name tag

Bosses Uniform


Long Dress [Old Fashioned Yellow]

White Socks

Running Shoes







°Pink Diner Log Book

°The Wizards Bird [Sword]

°Spare Armor [Guards Armor]

My Secrets Are...

When you have children, been turned into a bird and lost the kinda don’t have the need for them

I Believe...

That we can heal bad bonds..