Fang Zhen


Name: Fang Zhen (Family name Fang, personal name Zhen)

Age: over 600 years

My Story Is...

Fang Zhen was born almost seven hundred years ago to a family of laborers in a rustic village.  Under the rule of the local immortal sect of cultivators, all villages in the area were required to have their newborns tested for the potential talent to traverse the path to immortality and join the sect.  Where others of his village were turned away, Fang Zhen  was found to have strong enough spiritual roots to be capable of cultivating and was taken from his parents to be raised in the sect.


Life as a cultivator is harsh and demanding, both physically and spiritually.  Trained physically since the time he could walk to strengthen his body and hone the martial skills needed for further advancement, he grew into a strong and talented martial artist before reaching the age of twelve.  Inundated with meditation lessons and the philosophy of Qi, the energy of the cosmos and creation, Fang Zhen grew knowledgeable and understanding.  Thus, when he began the first steps of cultivation and drew in the Qi around him to refine and empower himself, he broke through into the first stage of Body Tempering with an ease that was almost shocking.


By no means a genius in cultivation, nor with any special talents or powerful bloodlines, Fang Zhen could only dutifully practice and progress through the steps toward immortality with every measure of caution and skill that he could muster.  Thus, despite every barrier set in front of him and every rival that sought to bar his path, he managed to push until he stood at the very last step before the ageless power that he’d sought for so many centuries.


But a path such as Fang Zhen’s could not be traversed without making enemies.  At the last moment before he would claim what he had worked so hard for, an enemy Immortal sabotaged his cultivation and shattered it, destroying the power and progress he had accumulated and sending the once respected warrior back to the beginning of Body Tempering once more.


Now fallen to the planet Hellifyno, Fang Zhen’s only chance at reclaiming his former glory is to start again.  To cultivate the path to godhood once more, before the years can catch up with him and claim his life like so many others.


Chance meeting at the Red Sun Inn put the ancient cultivator in touch with Anthem Kishimoto, the Scion of Hellifyno.  Finding the young woman’s drive admirable and her martial prowess impressive, Fang Zhen began instructing her in the ways of cultivation while she taught him her own arts of manipulating the elements.  Together they began to train, honing their personal skills and creating new techniques with their combined knowledge.

My Appearance

Fang Zhen stands at five feet and ten inches tall, with a slight build that would seem almost effeminate to the casual observer.  Underneath his voluminous robes though, is a lithe and powerfully muscled body that would make an olympic swimmer murderously envious.  His pale skin is flawless enough to be mistaken for marble, and has an ethereal glow to it that can only be seen up close.  Zhen’s hair is long and black as night, and his eyes are sharp metallic silver color.