I am the Fantastic Mr. Fox, and for good reason.

Who Am I...

I am the Fantastic Mr. Fox

Romantic Interests

I am interested visually in slender, compassionate women, as well as women who really desire and go after what they want. (and by women I mean, any and all kinds of females)

My Story Is...

In my early years my family was always hated for just being alive as a neko. I was very angry and violent in my youth and teenage years. Now that I’m a little older and wiser I have tried to do whats right, though I’m not one who looks to be that way. I am carefree and yet passionate about certain things. My family always came first until they passed away. Now I carry on what they stood for and what they had. I have been on many adventures and am very agile and deadly with a bow or sword. However, I’d much rather talk things out now. I’m cunning and silent but would much rather be friendly now. I am sarcastic but enjoyable to be around. My nick name “Fantastic” comes from my knack for always showing up at the right times, and having the wits to get out of situations when they are at their worst. I’m currently seeking work as a bartender so I can put my friendliness and “easy-to-talk-to” presence to use for a positive impact without drawing much attention.

My Appearance

I’m a black haired neko fox. (meaning I have the ears, tail, and senses of a fox, but stand mostly as a human) I stand a muscular 6 feet tall with sky blue eyes. (The eyes really stand out in contrast with my fur)
I’m proud of the way I look and dress, which is “sharp”. I’m always in a perfectly fit 3 piece suit that is black with a blue tie that matches my eyes. It restricts no movement.


My suit is made of a material that can deflect most glancing blows and with my quick eyes and training creating almost any attack into a glancing blow is not hard for me.
I’m very agile and always cary an assortment of knives .
I have a bow and sword but they are put away unless I go to get them.
As a neko I’m resistant to most magic but can still be affected by it. I also carry several flasks everywhere I am, not for the purpose of getting drunk but for other reasons.
Finally, I always have lock picks with me.

My Secrets Are...

My families deaths are my fault. though it was not something I could have avoided. now their curse is mine.

I Believe...

Everyone is good, somewhere deep down. But not everyone is worthy of my time. I'm not here to save people. Just make the most of my time.