Fauna Snowfur

Who Am I...

Fauna Snowfur

Romantic Interests

Guys who love god, love their parents, love me for who i am

My Story Is...

My family is powerful.My eyes change color based on my mood,I have ears and tail( timber wolf), I am 19 but i have two kids, I have wings, and i can turn into wolf, i don’t show any of these things though.

My Appearance

Brown jacket, brown boots with fur, teeshirt that has a paw print on it, blonde hair, white skin, blue jeans, hair dyed rainbow at tip.


Knife, mask, bandana, change of clothes, first aid, locket.

My Secrets Are...

I have wings, Wolf ears and tail ( timber wolf), i have two kids, i can turn into a wolf, and i have a dragon ( light fury) named light burst.

I Believe...

That everyone can be nice.