F.E.A.R Squad


First Encounter Assault Response

Who Am I...

The First Encounter Assault Recon, or F.E.A.R., was formed during 2002 as a covert branch of the United States Army's Special Forces to defend various national security interests against threats of a paranormal or supernatural nature, most notably Psionics. As such, F.E.A.R. and its select few operatives are rarely taken seriously, given the unbelievable nature of what they fight against. Regardless, F.E.A.R. is an elite unit and has the perogative to take military assets from other military branches such as the Air Force and the US Army. They have permission to use deadly force and heavy weapons against perceived threats, such as Replica soldiers, ATC Security Guards and, fittingly, Alma's supernatural enemies. Weapons available to them include assault rifles, combat shotguns, and even rocket-propelled weaponry, as well as experimental energy weapon systems. They also have access to intelligence service systems such as the Hannibal-3 spy satellite.

My Appearance

Squad members:
Sergei belinski – heavy gunner
Species: Russian bear
Zoey miller- in field medic
Species: female bunny
Jack Xavier- sniper
Species: male fox
“Pointman” – commander
Species: supersoldier

Jason voorhees- melee weapon expert

Species: undead

Pyro- demolitionist expert

Species: dragon


Sergei: minigun and Missile launcher
Zoey: mp5 with extended magazine and silencer attachment and flashlight
Jack: shotguns and sniper rifles
“Pointman”: assault rifles and pistols and shotgun

Jason: melee weapons

Pyro: explosives and rocket launchers and grenade launchers

My Secrets Are...

Classified by high command

I Believe...

In dealing with supernatural threats