Lyna Spinhoven

My Story Is...

She has had a rough life. She has experienced many events and been put in several situations that have shaped her into this seemingly cold hearted bitch. But being hard is her only defense against getting hurt by anyone ever again. Stubborn and hard headed she has become a rock within herself. So many walls she has built, in the end will it cause her to be lonely and push everyone away for the rest of her life. The way things keep going, it seems to be a huge possibility. It also doesn’t help with the huge secret she carries with her at all times. It is usually when someone finds out, that things start to go to shit. Then she has to do things that she really doesn’t want to do. In the end she loses everyone she cares about, so why should she even try to care, it only ever ends in hurt.

My Appearance

33 years old, but looks to be in her early to mid twenties. She is 5ft tall 105 lbs, shoulder length blonde dreadlocks, that she has tied up on top, with a bandanna tied around her head. Her shockingly blue eyes peer over the dermal piercings she has on each of her cheeks and well as one in her septum. Both her arms are covered in 3/4 sleeve tattoos, which upon closer inspection would seem to move and glide along her skin. For her slight build she was in very good shape. She wore tattered and torn black Jean’s over spider web designed tights, a red tank top, that had been purposely cropped exposing her belly, which also had a piercing, was worn under a black leather jacket. This exposed yet more tattoos on her back wrapping around to her sides, these also seemed to glide and move across her skin. The calf high riding style boots she wore would click from the metal studs and chains attached to them.


Clothing (worn), 4 throwing knives, 1 switchblade,

My Secrets Are...

Exactly that…secret

I Believe...

Nobody gets anything if they dont go out and get it themselves. Also most people cannot be trusted now a days