Femina Draco



One Hot Sultry Night, Fantasy Art

My Story Is...

Fantasy Girl in Black Leather Boots, Daz Studio Iray Art

My Appearance

Draconic Form: Body length 25 feet, Tail 20 feet        Breath Weapon : Dragons Breath -Fire

Over the skies of the Blue Moon, the black scaled form of the fifty foot dragoness would appear. Leathery wings pounded the skies as her clawed hands shifted and rotated the magical puzzle box within her grasp. With a few more turns of the rubix cube in her grasp her form would solidify into the hellifyno realm skies. Taking full physical form, her golden eyes would blink and the fiery box would disappear. Her scaled tail ripped in the air behind as she descended into a corkscrew glide down towards the streets below. Eventually, all four feet met the pavement as she came in for a landing in a bit of a strut, and slowed to a walk. Leathery wings folded so she’d fit down the street without swiping a building. The tail swayed some from side to side on her approach towards the tavern.


This is the Hybrid form, Leathery wings, black scaled tail, possible black scaled legs and forearms.

A soft chirp is given as she approaches the inn, golden orbs take a look in through the tavern window. Its not quite crowded in there today. Slowly her black scaled head turns, and her fifty foot scaled body begins to shimmer in a black haze as said dragoness shifts into her hybrid form. She stops a moment looking down at her bare black scaled legs with clawed feet. Arms extend out in front of her holding the orbs. The scales ripple from elvin skin to look like elbow length scaled gloves down to her clawed fingertips. There’s a crown of spike horns on her head and the eight foot tail. Her hair is waist length and raven black in coloring. The ears are pointed. For now her eyes remain cat or lizard shaped with diamond shaped back pupils. There’s no armor on her, she merely shifts her breasts into what looks like a black scale covering. Rhys Drakmord proceeds to head up the steps the tavern-