Femina Draco


Who Am I...

Hybrid draconic female

Relationship Status

Traveling alone these days..

My Appearance

My name is Rhys Drakmord.  My mother is an elvin vampire, my father a black draconian mage.  Unfortunately my father spent most of his time training my twin brother in the arts and I never really reached my full potential.  I am on a path of self discovery searching for my strengths and my limits.  Though at times, I not sure if I’ll every be truly ready to face what fate has in store for me..

I enjoy reading magic books and practicing some basic arcane spells. My pastime is collecting shinies of all sorts, from coins to jewelry and gems.  My horde is slowly growing. As I’m still a younger in age, I’m naturally curious of the world around me. Sometimes I hesitate to explore even if there is no real danger.

My appearance can vary on my mood. At times I maybe in full black dragon form, or I may appear in hybrid form as pictured (though my scales are black).  If I’m completely secure in my surroundings you may see me appear without any scales, horns wings, or tail , but that is rare.

Height 5’3 in hybrid form

Eyes. golden

Hair : raven black

Scales: black but at times irredescent like mother of pearl

Draconian form. 25ft long excluding her tail.  She will not grow any bigger.

Femina draco is latin for female dragon. However player is considering femina as a nick name


My Secrets Are...

I’m relearning common tongue. So if you dont speak my draconian dialect, communication may be slow.

I Believe...

In magic