Fenrir Sharpfang The Wolf


…  Sometimes I will allow people to pet me. But it is not often..


If they stand behind you, give them protection;

If they stand beside you, give them respect;

If they stand against you, give them no mercy.

Who Am I...

The mythologic Norse Wolf God

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

… not sure yet.

My abilities: 

Can bite through nearly any material.
Can summon wolves to assist in a fight
Shadow manipulation
Shadow travel
Can wield lightning and weapons in paws
Natural hunter

My Appearance

A large black furred wolf with a scar across my eye, but my vision is not impaired from the scar.

I am 6′ 8″ in my were form.  In my regular wolf, I am typically 5′ 6″ tall at the shoulder, almost 7′ 10″ long. (not including my 18 inch long tail)


Sword, a bolt-action rifle, a pair of magically enchanted M1911 Colt pistols, a full length leather coat. A coat of arms patch on the right shoulder bears the words: Lament of Innocence.   There is a military pin below the patch with the ranking of Corporal.

I also have General George S. Pattons .357 magnum revolver

My Secrets Are...

I can wield weapons and things in my paws. Also, I might say I hate being petted and treated as a pet, But very rarely, I will allow it.

Don’t insult my wife or child.. If you do, you’ll receive both my fury and my wifes fury.

I Believe...

That I am simply awesome!