Finn Angel

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Born in east Texas his mother died to give him life. His father a gambler, drug the young boy with him as he traveled, game to game. Finn knew how to count cards before he could read, knew how to read faces before he could count and understand when it was time to run before he could drive.

On the cusp of his sixteenth birthday his father drew a bad card, too little whiskey, too lucky a deck. With nothing left to hold him he headed to the city, finding jobs on the ranches driving cattle. The hard work toned his body, but his mind craved more.

Seeing a recruitment poster he followed his heart joining the air force. Training hard, his natural talents came to play and soon he was leading a squadron of fighter pilots in the war. Each time he landed safely he celebrated and another woman lost her heart.

He was on regular patrol when the strange cloud formation swallowed his plane. Cut off from the others he prepared for a crash that never came. Bright light blinded him and when it was gone he could see land below him where before there had been only ocean. Landing with little choice his plane coasting in on fumes he came to realize he wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

Hell he wasn’t even on earth.

It was the space ships that saved him. Sitting in a pub he overhead two talking about repairs. Following them he used his natural charm to talk them into a job, a mechanic in training. Taking him on they taught him from the basics on up. Working on them he dreamed of flying such. Learning all he could, he finally got his wish.

He now owns the ship LoryAnne – Hey don’t laugh – she flies.

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Just what you been looking for sweetheart..

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His  ship -his pride and joy.

Two drone assistants, when they work

His tools, touch them and die.

Several weapons of various technology.

Knives  hidden well – sometimes old school still works best eh?


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