Captain Firedancer

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General Information
First Name: Rosalind

Nickname: Firedancer

Last Name: Hale

Gender: Female

Species:  Unknown

Birthday: July 12

Age: Young enough to get into trouble, old enough to know better.

Star Sign: Cancer

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Nationality: Unknown

Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Norwegian, Greek


Pirate Info

Rank: Captain

Duty: She was the First Mate to Seyvern “Half-Eye,” but recently her title changed to Captain. And it’s her job to lead her crew, even if she hasn’t built them just yet.

Ship: Kiss of Death

Years as a pirate: Oh, dear. ‘Ow long ‘as it been?


Physical Appearance

Skin Tone: sun-kissed, but still a bit pale

Height: 5’7

Weight: 145

Blood Type: Uh?

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color:  Silver

Scars: none

Tattoos: She has a long line of blue tribal tattoos down the right side of her body. No one knows what they mean, but they seem to be more than just decoration

Piercing: Both ears, lip on the left side, and tongue


General Attitude

Personality: Rosalind is pretty relaxed most of the time, able to snap into a leadership role at a moment’s notice. However, when those the cares for are threatened, she shows why they call her “Firedancer.” She’s often more dominant than anything else, a smirk often planted on her face. However, that doesn’t mean she’s a tyrant. She takes advice, she listens to her crew, and she knows how to best lead.

Normal Mood: Relaxed, calm, drunk

Good Habits: She’s fiercely loyal, a great leader, and likes to use violin to keep the crew entertained

Bad Habits: She’s a bit of an alcoholic, and a relentless flirt

Strengths: Fire, leadership, but she’s also a good follower

Weaknesses: Alcohol, beautiful people, in her younger days she’d often procrastinate

Likes: Men, women, alcohol, sunny days and smooth sailing

Dislikes: Storms (for rather obvious reasons, yeah?), Beautiful people who are absolute dicks on the inside, bein’ sober!

Fears: Losing her crew.

Why: Her crew is her family, if anything were to happen to them, it would absolutely devastate her


Soft Spot: Cats



Best Friend: Her Captain

Friends: Her crew

Rivals: She doesn’t really have any rivals

Enemies: None

Love Interest: Oh, luv. I have none. I don’t do the whole “love” thing. Er, well, that’s what I used to tell myself. Truth is, there’s only one man I can say I’ve ever ‘ad feelin’s fer. And that man will remain unnamed, aye?

Who Am I...

The most beautiful Captain you'll ever see

Romantic Interests

Men, Women, everyone

Relationship Status

Er, let's just leave that as 'tis, yeah?

My Story Is...


My Appearance

League of Legends - Captain Fortune

captain fortune - Google Search


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My Secrets Are...

I fear the loss of my crew
I’m not as human as you think I am

I Believe...

That I'm one of the best pirates out there. And ya can't change me mind!