Fyzenguard The Unsheathed

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Family:(Pilsner  Father: Living) ( Wanda Mother: Living) ( Wife Alexia: dead) ( Son Zane: dead) (Sister Anora: Living) ( Sister Oceana: Living) (Brother Gabriel The Skull Crusher: Living)

Race Traits: Fizenguard was born a berserker so he has the strength of a frost giant. His speed or dexterity is highly increased and he moves as fast as a crack of a whip. The berserk form is the source of  Fizenguards power giving him lightning properties and somewhat frost controlEverlasting Dying Flame (Bonus track) – YouTube

Who Am I...

Fizengaurd the unsheathed, born in Fistendanolhimer

Romantic Interests

Women that care for who I am.

Relationship Status

Kyrie/ Private chats can be aranged if asked.

My Story Is...

It all started from birth in a town off in the Nordic lands of Fistendonalhimer. I was born into a special body to know as a berserker the highest class for a Viking warrior. My childhood was stained and deformed with the art of training for war but that is what berserkers were born for. Training started when I was able to hold a sword and raise a shield which was the age of four for me. My parents, I hardly saw and my siblings I never got to know because my parents were always sending me off to different trainers. For seven years I had trained at the art of sword fighting, armor-wearing, a small amount of religious teaching and carving. When the age of twelve came by my parents through me out to the cold, dark days of being eaten at by a black wall that I will never be able to break.
I had started fighting men for the first couple of years but then frost giants and dragon became a big threat. All the berserkers were gathered which there weren’t very many of us only maybe fifty or so and they sent us to fight against endless hordes of frost giants. We all tried to escape knowing we were outnumbered one to ten but people didn’t mind us because they didn’t care for us getting killed. After the frosty war of the rotted and decrepit frost giants, there were only four of us left, Teddy Horse, Strider Devoid, Thorner Of Dale and me Fizengaurd. When the party of surviving warriors returned home it seemed as no one cared that any of use had survived and we were treated unfairly. Strider of dale and Thorner Devoid had gone into a flying rage that had sent them both to the dungeons of Tails In for life. I and Teddy were thinking of a dungeon break but knew it was worthless.

Teddy had parted with me to become a bard and learn some type of Juridic magic. I stayed still fighting for my honor and gained the favor from the gods Thor and Odin. Both Thor and Odin personally sent me on a quest to find a sword called dawn breaker located in the realm of foscoven were they rested an army of undead warriors and devils. I had a berserk moment and killed all enemies that were standing including vampires, mind flares, ghouls, specters, gargoyles, and unnamed devils. When I had possession of the sword and returned all battered up from my travels I found a woman named Alexia and eventually settling down, getting married and having a son named Zane.

For twelve years we were a happy family, Zane became an over average intelligent kid and Alexia was a maid cleaning houses. One morning I awoke from my wondering dreams and I heard screaming from the outside. Alexia and Zane weren’t in the house. I got my sword and sheathed it going outside to only see my home town was being attacked by undead. The undead hoards were being controlled by two individuals, a vampire king, and a devil lord. Fighting through all the rotting decaying bodies of the dead to only find my wife and son on the ground. They had been killed and their corpses were infested with ghouls eating and striping off their flesh. Dawn-breaker began to glow and I began to shake very vibrantly and blacked out. When I awoke I was covered in blood and stinking goo from the undead. People had survived the attack and so did I but my pride and joy had left with the death of my family.

Three hundred years had passed in this immortal body and still, here I am depressed and a mindless man. I now deal with the undead and my sword absorbing their leftover energy from when they were alive. If there was a chance for having one more woman in my life one more wife perhaps my mind could be restored and I could control the beast within me.

My Appearance

– General Appearance: Fizenguard has dark blue eyes that can also be described as cold. He has long golden beautiful blond hair with a cunning but soft face. Standing six foot seven inches he is taller than most in his family. His height might be amazing but he is skinny and frail. All of his clothing is black and he has a cape that he will be wearing while on travels that has his family crest sewn onto it. The armor he wears is elven made, he can be seen wearing most of the time. His skin is as pale as snow and sometimes he can look sickly because of it.

– Tattoos and markings: Fizenguard has no tattoos because of his position he is in. He is not against Tattoos but he would rather not have one.

– Attire: Black clothing is all Fizenguard will ever use. On special occasions, Fizenguard will wear a dark red med-evil shit and gray colored pants. His reasoning for wearing black clothing comes from his birth sign and the area he was born in. In Fistendonaldhimer it is cold all year round so black clothing is the best of absorbing heat from the sun. .Also, the black clothing gives off a dark and depressing feel which is the way he feels most of the time. Fizenguards hair will mostly be free from his ears meaning his hair is not stuck behind his ears. Mostly Fizenguard wears black boots and in battle, he might take them off for the extra maneuverability.


Dawn Breaker: Dawnbreaker is a sword created by an unknown god. There are two forms the first which is as strong as a frost sun. The second form is unknown in power and lacks the knowledge to unlock it. Danbreaker has a personality that takes over a young girl which symbolizes purity. Now since this sword is based on purity it hates evil beings. The undead is the vilest to Dawnbreaker and she will try to possess the wielder into killing it on sight. If the user doesn’t have good wisdom they can be possessed easily.Image result for Magical ice sword made from a viking god

– Dawnbringer: Dawnbringer is also made from an unknown god so as Dawnbreaker. Both Dawnbringer and Dawnbreaker are twins. On the other hand, Dawnbringer has a male intelligence or soul. Dawnbringer is the opposite, he bears fire absorbed from a sun. When any undead is around this sword they feel a terrible burning sensation. Related image

Corvine’s Unbreathable Stone: Allows the user to be free from breathing when held on the user. Acquired from my best friend Angelo.

Shield of frost: When hit it slows the enemy’s attacks down

The bow of curved direction: This bow was originally inventoried by Fizenguards uncle Thorner of Dale. Thorner Of Dale was a great ranger proficient in bow shooting. He was a crack shot but that was because of the bow. When the Bow Of Curved Direction is shot it curves towards the object it is being shot at.

Ax Of Might: Fizenguard was in need of a weapon before he had Dawnbreaker. He went to the dwarfs asking for a hammer of lightning. They created it for Fizenguard but at the cost of a small part of his emotions.

Symbol of the god Thor: Now this is a holy symbol that the Worshipers of Thor use to pray. The symbol of the god Thor can act as a teleporting device.

Armor Of Foscoven: This is a special type of armor created by a high elven king named Fostcoven. Fizenguard inherited this suite of armor when the high Elven king died in the great battle against the Frost and Fire Giants. This suite is very light and has a flexible standard to move around in. It also can not be pierced by regular weapons but only by magical weapons or properties.

My Secrets Are...

The main secret Fizenguard has, is his last name. Fizenguards last name is important and defines who he is.

Since Fizenguard was born a Berserk warrior he has suppressed emotions. It’s hard for him to feel any type of love or compassion for others.

Fyzenguard has some sort of grudge against everyone he knows and meets.

Fizenguard hates prideful beings that brag about their powers. Fizenguard is prideful but in an honor and respect way.

Fizenguard has a rough life and doesn’t make it any worse on him.

Fizenguard was born with a heart virus that all Berserkers are born with but he was born with it worse than the others. He knows he will most likely die one day because of it.


I Believe...

To restore the balance by killing undead.



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