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Family: Although Fyzenguard had not much family he did have a lost brother and a close sister who had died while they were still young adults.

Mother: Fyzenguards mother is quite unknown to all besides king Pilsner and even to Pilsner she was somewhat unknown. After the birth of her Twins Fyzenguard and Flelfing she had disappeared not to be seen by Pilsner for some long years.

Father: Pilsner is a grand nobleman or so when he was younger. He was outstanding in battle and even talented in the tactical sword battle. Falling in love with Fyzenguards mother had changed him to stop battling for his family however after she had disappeared he had gone through a rage searching for his only love through the land unable to find her until years later.

Sister: Flelfing was Fyzenguards closest family. While Fyzenguard hadn’t had a mother around and his father always away Flelfing was always there for him. Both had played in the deep snow every afternoon, sometimes of princes and princesses and others of battle however Fyzenguard was always the one to save her In their games.

Through their teenage year, Fyzengaurd was gone most of the time but when he did return he would always stay in his room or walk in the woods for days on a time. Still, Fyzenguard remembers the time his stress was on its peak as he had sat under his blankets. Someone had opened the door and he had thought it his father but Felfling had sat and hugged her brother snuggling with him until both had fallen asleep. Flelfling was Fyzengaurds main inspiration to stay alive but as they had become young adults Flelfling had gone walking one day as a blizzard had come through. She had lost her way and eventually died in the bitter cold, later the city guards had found her in the woods completely froze hanging onto a scream. Frozen tears were found on her face that had almost resembuled crystals.

Race Traits: Fyzenguard is originated as a Berserker and he is born of Norse blood or he is a Viking. The Vikings or Norse were known to be the best warriors of their time but a little uncivil. They were great traders and even grater artists and blacksmiths. Some may call them brutes which are ferally not true. They are the most traditional and emotionally wisdomatic people of the dark ages and medieval ages. They are basically their own people and for so Fyzenguard has great strength for the battle, great dexterity, and flexibility.:

Powers born as a Berserker: Now Fyzenguard was born a Berserker who is chosen before birth to be born warriors or Berserkers in Norse Mythology. Fyzengaurd is a fantasy character in meaning he has much influence from the past but I have added my own reality to make it as original as I want it to be. Fyzengaurd has great lighting possession. He can manipulate it, form it, control it, even change it into different energy if needed to and he can suppress it or make it more powerful with his concentration.

Physical capabilities: As Fyzengaurd is a Berserker he possesses great strength that can compose up to a frost giants strength. He can easily lift heavy objects such as boulders, giants weapons, Horses and so on. His strength only increases in battle as he is hurt more.

Mental capabilities: Fyzengaurd is able to adjust to someones fighting style. In battle, not only that he is strong but he can also predict movements after he has learned a little bit of an enemy’s fighting style. Berserkers may not be the smartest but they can only be as wisdomatic as they want to. As they are traditional they know many upon many things about their old culture and new. Now Psionics is where this makes Fyzengaurd very complex. He has great mental power. He can enter someone’s mind with a will, he can attack other people’s minds and destroy memories and great strands of intelligence. Ex… He could make a 40-year-old man’s mind into a 4-year-olds mind. He has a great attack called Psionic blast which could kill someone with ease or again destroy parts of the brain. With Psionics he has other supernatural abilities like Astral Projection, Mind Blank, Molecular manipulation, changes atoms to make things denser or weaker.

Close Combat: Fyzenguard is a tremendous swordsman. Not only is he naturally talented but he has trained his raw talent into great swordplay of fighting. Depending on the situation he may use a shield or not. He takes great pride in his sword-fighting having a little over 600 years of fighting and training.:

Long Range Combat: Bowship is not Fyzenguards favorite type of fighting. His family comes to form a couple of lines of rangers but he didn’t acquire the bow action from his family. Fyzenguard does, however, have a bow he uses when he needs to use it.

Strength: Bold, Dexterous, Prideful, Self-taught, Courageous, Would kill for the ones who he cares for, Keeps promises, Fighter, Greatly whited and calm.

Weakness: Prideful, hateful, hates society, doesn’t trust people, dastardly, to powerful for his own good.

Languages: High elven, Gnome, Lawful good alignment tongue, Treeint, and Norse.

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Fyzenguard The Unsheathed

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Long ago in my rightful home Fistendonaldhymer, I was born into a small but strong family…Heh me as a child. It’s hard for me to go that far back, at my past memories I don’t have much to remember besides the torturing my father made me do when I was a young child. Just the thought of that saddens my mood” * A slight sigh seems to slither from his mouth as his action of leaning back into a chair discards the eyes contact between the two.* “I was born to a beautiful forest nymph who had come from a forest of endless woods and hollows. I myself had wandered through the woods, I have a slight desire to get lost in those woods. Its a deepened desire… My father was a bold warlord with a hushed and unknown past to me. Father had a pure heritage and blood of Nordic culture…Sounds great doesn’t Stranger. You would think there is nothing queer or disfigured.” * The slight mood of his eyes closing for continued thought had calmed him.* “My mother left my father right after me and my twin sister were born. I am expecting my mother went back to the woods where she originally came from, father always described her as a wanderer of the woods and to be honest…I wander the woods a lot myself. I am sure there is a reason for inheriting the wandering nature of my mother.  Why she left I am not entirely sure for I think it was because of my father’s constant, queer bittering that had soured over time. Throughout my early life, there was no tide of interest…Yes, I had a desire to fight but that was the key to my birth sign. From childhood or more specifically at the age of four my father placed a shield and sword in my arm and hand. There my father stood with me, his first son. My father had believed that I was going to grow to become a ruthless warrior. No, it was not for protection neither Wander. As I said my father was a Warlord. Now he wasn’t always a bad guy but changed shortly after I was born. He taught me never to defend but always take the first chance to attack what you know is wrong. Those words were the closest thing to lawfully right moral he had given me.

After eight years I had just turned twelve, again in the situation, he gave me a sword but this time… this time he pushed me away onto a horse with three other men. I didn’t fully understand what was going on but I trusted him” * Scoffs with a tad of a chuckle* ” Worst mistake but not my last. As I rode with those three men who would eventually become my best buddies after long years of fighting together. We eventually strode into a great battlefield with the ground set aflame and bright shiny metals clashed together. There and then I knew what my father did but I didn’t fully feel what he had done. At the time I thought of him sending me off helping so I can just serve him… Terrible mistake but like I said stranger not my last. But however, I thought it right. You have to understand my father lied to me with the purity of fighting and pride. I wanted to be just like him. You know the traditional..Umm… * Waves his mug around*”Father-son connection  ” * Finally he lifted his ale and drained it down with the sorrows of his past. His eyes close feeling the great but bitter liquid brushes down his throat and numbs his feeling of the past..* ” My father brainwashed me into being a special warrior who feels no pain and can have no stay from love. Truth is in that however as I am a warrior chosen before birth. My father said that since I was a warrior that lives on many long years that there was no time for love, no time for friends and family but him and fighting for saving our heritage from other races wanting to racially mix with us.

Well by and by as time goes on I do turn into somewhat of a ruthless warrior but not exactly ruthless Mmmm… *His head raises and his blond hair flows back words as he thinks for a perfect word* ¨More like a mild ruthless. ” * He slides his mug to the bartender to fill it up* ” I had become the best warrior in my land. Fighting in many competitions and…. in very many wars I was still yet unknown to most but that was good for me. I am a calm lad and want nothing from nobody ” * Then silence had passed through him as he leans back in his wooden chair. His eyes drifted around the room before going back and saying* ” When I was around four hundred and sixty-eight years of age my father called out to all the Berserkers. I knew something was fishy when he called us all out. Only about thirty or forty Berserkers were present at the time. As we arrived he informed us that the Frost giants had finally come up in hoards of thousands and they were getting closer to destroy the entire lands of Fistendanoldhymer. Since we were the Berserkers it was informed that only Berserkers will be set out in a battle of this size” * As the bartender brings his drink he rests it in his hand. His frosty blue eyes look down into the dark liquid. The pressing memories seemed to threaten him into a depression but yet they still deepened on his mind.* ” So stranger we fallowed his rules and I thought after this he would finally show me the father connection I thought we had. As the battle began we were overrun instantly. Death and chaos flowed through that air but it was a feeling also. I was scared and thoroughly afraid as the battle tainted green. ” * He tenses a little and keeps his eyes closed* ” We were being slaughtered like pigs. ” * He spat out*”The Elves joined in but they were easily slaughtered. In fact, my armor is special for this fact. As the Elven king died I took his armor but to get to the point after the war only four of us were left. Thorner Of Dale, Strider Devoid, Teddy Horse and of course me. When we returned it seemed as if people didn’t know what had commenced. But no matter them I went to my father and of course he was happy that we had won but again he pushed me away. Strider and Thorner eased anger to my father Pilsner and for that, they were cast into the dungeon and eventually killed. Teddy Horse however disappeared and he is expected to be dead. My whole clan or family of warriors were killed just like that and I was treated like this.” * Then his eyes open and he slams his mug down onto the table and a little of the ale brushed onto the table. His bold and young face looks up with a saddening smile.* ” After I found my first wife Alexia. Boy, she was a pretty little thing and young too.” * He smiles and closes his eyes remembering the pleasant times with her* ” We had a boy after a couple of years and we both agreed on the named  Zane. A nice lad he was and very smart and intelligent.” * His mood harshened as he closed his eyes again thinking* ” A…their…. hahhh… a day came to where I went on one of my travels and didn’t return for some time. But when I did my city was burning and the dead engulfed it all. Yes, the dead engulfed it but not the dead you are thinking of, the undead. The first thought and action were to go find my wife and only child.” * Fyzengaurd looked to be a little shaky as he leans forward and drains his ale trying to numb his emotions and then rests his hands on his eyes* ” By the time I returned they were both being eaten on by found ghouls.” * The picture haunted him severely but he keeps on* ” Please just give me a moment……… Ghouls were ripping the flesh of my wife and child. After that, I lost control and that was the first official time I went Berserk. I went mad killing everything. Controlling myself was not an option. I couldn’t control myself as I slashed through endless hoards…I think. When I awoke then I stood with sword in my left hand and my wife and child in front of me. They stood there staring at me. I almost regurgitated as their dead bodies stood as the undead or lifeless ghouls.” * His eyes began to water as he took a moment and looks up and seemed to be crying.*Then and there I killed them or…”  ” What was left of them. The death of both of them would haunt me in dreams and they still do. It hurts so much to reimagine the picture of both of them. I loved them both with my heart but when they needed me I wasn’t there. After their deaths, I then truly became a monster. I had no feelings for anyone or anything. I hated people more then I hated myself but it was not by tradition. After so many years of every night thinking about them I finally met Belle. The first night she was there in my bed, she was there supporting my past and helping. It came to a point where I wouldn’t think about my old family. Belle was a cure for my life and I love her. We have now settled down and we have had a kid and soon to be a second.” * Smiles and then slides the mug off and then leas back in his chair closing his eyes*

My Appearance

– General Appearance: Fyzengaurd is a slim 6″7 man with frosty blue eyes. His hair is a bright blond color and something can even be mistaken for white. All of his clothing consists of black, there may be rare times that he wears a red devil cloak for traditional days such as Halloween or Yule. Fyzenguard wears elven armor he acquired from an elf king in a great battle. The armor consists of a breastplate that covers his chest and stomach area. Then he wears bracers around his arms. Around his waist holds a silver belt that holds his two swords and his symbol of Thor. On the middle of his liver belt holds a bronze plate. The bronze plate has a bore engraved onto it having symbolism to the legends of King Author. On travels, Fyzengaurd will wear his cap which has his family crest sewn onto the back of it. On the cap is a little hoodie he uses to cover his face.

– Tattoos and markings: Fizenguard has no tattoos because of his position he is in. He is not against Tattoos but he would rather not have one.

– Attire: Black clothing is all Fizenguard will ever use. On special occasions, Fizenguard will wear a dark red med-evil shit and gray colored pants. His reasoning for wearing black clothing comes from his birth sign and the area he was born in. In Fistendonaldhimer it is cold all year round so black clothing is the best of absorbing heat from the sun. .Also, the black clothing gives off a dark and depressing feel which is the way he feels most of the time. Fizenguards hair will mostly be free from his ears meaning his hair is not stuck behind his ears. Mostly Fizenguard wears black boots and in battle, he might take them off for the extra maneuverability.



Dawn Breaker: Dawnbreaker was forged by no man nor god. Before man or the gods two lands lay resting from their eternal slumber. One plain is of snow and icy casting endlessly through its grey sky. The power of this land had once raged, much like a storm. Winds had fought against snow and snow to ice until a great light was spread across the land ceasing both the snow and storm. There now resting in the ground was a sword on the highest mountain of ice. The sword was of pearly metal and black appearance with a bright blue gem in it. Inscriptions of unknown origin are found on its blade calling its name Dawnrbeaker.

Dawnbreaker had rested in the same spot for many years until a man of the druidic councle of the Maiains. This druidic man had the name of Nethalian. The sword had shaken in Nethalians had singing a song to him through whispers and winds. Many years of achieving the sword eventually he was proved mad by the Maian councile and eventually lost his life in battle with his fellow members. The sword however was never found but had returned to its original place. Many of men had found Dawnbreaker and now Fyzenguard weilds it.

Dawnbreaker is a longsword of black unorigined metal, a frosty blue gem is placed within the swords hilt and a red vile ball on the end of the swords hilt. Something however is quite strange, the weilder is known to talk to himself and even tells of a women voice. The voice is said to sound sweet of wind ut broad of molevelance. Dawnbreaker sucks the power and souls of its fallen enemys and when not fed becomes greatly obsessive for feeding.

:Belt Of Silver: Fyzenguad is known to wear a silver belt. More so the belt is made from silver boxes hung and tightened by a bronze latch.  Each thin square holds a small space for placing things in. Ex: Herbs, powders, very few coin, folded papers and Flint&stell. In the latching of the belt holds a small oval plate of bronze. The bronze has a carving of a boar.

Pipe of the farm: Years and years ago, when Fyzenguard still had his own family of his son and wife he had come back from his few week travel. It had happened to be his birthday and as a surprise his wife had given him a pipe of stone.  Carvings of animals could be seen, jay birds, sheep and cattle all by a house that had looked like theirs.


I Believe...

The purity of tradition and the ancient beliefs./Slaughter individuals who have slaughtered the Norse people./ Leave me alone and I will leave you alone…Simple, right?



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