Alexina MacTavish

Who Am I...

A Phoenix

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

she’s a human girl from Scotland. her life was normal and she was a photographer for a living with a normal life, normal home, normal room mate till she appeared in the inn and everything changed. her Room mate is even a werewolf.


But soon she somehow came across the red sun inn and met a succubus called kas. They fell deeply in love till Ally’s brother died in a car crash and in her sad rage got drunk, pissed of the wrong people who proceeded to stab her. As Ally gasped for air Kas came across the scene and in her sorrow turned ally into a Phoenix. Ally can now never return home for she has no memory of her past not even of Kas but she stays with her knowing in her gut that there is something between them.

My Appearance

long red hair, 5’6, blue eyes, pretty slim