Hitaru Mukade


Village History:

Deep within the Land of Demons there once lay a secluded Village hidden within a deep crack in the world. It is said, in legend, that this crack was formed when the Sage of Six paths battled against the Ten Tails. Their conflict so might that it split the earth beneath them. It is for this reason that the Village Hidden in the Crevice remained so small and unknown. Though this worked to their advantage. Due to their unknown nature, it made it incredibly easy for shinobi of the Hidden Crevice to infiltrate the villages and towns of their targets in order to complete their missions. The hierarchy of the Village, unlike the Hidden Leaf, was based off of a Shinobi’s skill and power. The Kage do not step down, instead taking challenger after challenger until one of the combatants is slain. The victor taking the mantle of Kage.

The shinobi of The Village Hidden in the Crevice specialized in missions relating to observation, Information gathering, Assassination, and sabotage. Very rarely facing other shinobi squads in open combat and preferring to divide and conquer.

Unfortunately, this relatively unknown village was wiped out by Obito at the beginning of the 4th great ninja war. Though the ninja of the hidden crevice fought hard they were eventually overwhelmed. The valley and cave systems that they had used as their homes proved to be their undoing as swarms of the nearly endless white zetsu consumed them. Few individuals escaped, fleeing for refuge within the walls of other shinobi villages and lands throughout the world.


Who Am I...

Shinobi of the Mukade Clan

My Story Is...

After the attack on the Hidden Crevice, the remainder of the Mukade Clan made exodus to the land of fire where they settled in the Hidden Leaf where Hitaru joined the ninja academy. A rather average student, no one expected for him to excel as he did within the field. Quickly gaining recognition as another Leaf prodigy. Eventually advancing to Jounin and Anbu after.

Thanks to his Kekkei Genkai, Hitaru is quite apt at locating targets as well as moving through enemy territory unseen. Unfortunately, due to the peace times after the 4th great ninja war, Hitaru would not have the chance to fully utilize his skills until the arrival of the terrorist Shin Uchiha. Believing himself to be of lesser threat, Hitaru disregarded his order to not engage. After a quick fight, Shin believed Hitaru to be unworthy of his time and defeated the Mukade with the use of the Kamui.