Hindol Alamont

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Hindol is an Oc from the Dark Souls universe.  Some actions and abilities are just my interpretation of how they would transfer into this medium.


18+ is a given.  There will be blood, and violence when dealing with the accursed undead.

Who Am I...

Accursed undead

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Fated to die, again and again till naught is left but a hollow husk of a man.  Thus is the curse that all who bear the Dark sign share.  Who they were before their first death is unimportant.  Once the curse comes to fruition they all are reborn as accursed undead.  Hindol was no exception.  Who he had been in the past now lingers in those golden days, along with the faces of those he cherished.  His first death brought the curse,  each death there after took a small piece of the man.  Memories he held dear, people that had shared in his fate,  as well as the very essence of who he had been.  Time soldiered on as it is want to do,  bringing with it new challenges that often lead to another death.   To this very day he wanders,  seeking out the souls of others in a vain attempt to retain or restore what little humanity he has left.


           Accursed Undead


Those born with the Dark sign are unable to truly die.  They can be killed in a manner of speaking.  However when their body has reached its limit and they “die” instead of falling still the accursed with disperse into ash.  Only to be reborn minutes later at where they consider to be home.  For most undead home is forgotten to the sands of time.  Yet all feel a kin ship with any sort of bonfire, or fireplace.   Something about such makes them remember a twinkling of the peace that home brought them.  Hindol need not eat nor breath,  any such actions he takes in those regards are merely to maintain some semblance of humanity.  Also upon death the body will start to decay.  From death until they find a means to restore their human visage,  the accursed’s body will be that of a walking corpse.  This form however does not hinder any of their physical abilities.    Lastly should an accursed give up in their journey,  fail to accomplish a desired task,  or lose faith in themselves they will hollow.  A hollow will seek out the souls of others without regards to friend or foe as well as ignore any danger to their self.  Devoid of mental facilities the hollows are best killed on sight.

My Secrets Are...

Dead men tell no tales.