Franziska of Olde Watch

My Story Is...

The line of Krieger has been bound to the Watch for many, many years, and remains unbroken… Through many paths, they’ve lived and died for Olde Watch, fighting the fights they thought were best, and maintaining a persistent loyalty.



One such branch gave rise to Franziska Wilhelmina Krieger. Loyal and in love with her family and her nation, she pushed to be the best she could be at all times. A child prodigy, she studied hard, expanding her mind to gain knowledge of almost every aspect of Olde Watch’s history, commerce, and more importantly, military.


Enlisting as soon as she was of age, she found herself drawn to the Psi Ops Division of the Support Branch, and once she was given her tDCS (Trascranial Direct Current Stimulation) to access psionic powers, she showed great promise, acting as a great boon on many missions to those she fought with.


Eventually, she worked her way up to Lieutenant Colonel, where she happily remained for some of the most trying times of Olde Watch’s recent history, even after the questionable call came to disband Psi Ops… until the revelation that their nation had been infiltrated. After showing bravery and valor in encouraging Olde Watch soldiers to stand down and later assist in the rebuilding, she was promoted to Colonel.

Her dedication proven, her power restored, now her duties are pushing her to take on an important role for the future of Olde Watch and Hellifyno at large. Confident in her abilities, she is sure that she’ll be able to guide her people on a clear path towards peace and prosperity.

My Appearance


Tall, slender, dark of hair, grey of eyes, with a waif-like look about her, Franziska is anything but a pushover of a woman. Some may say she is too pretty to be as ruthless and cunning as she… But they rarely say so to her face. Her line is old, it is strong, full of heroes, and she is determined to live up to such greatness… by most means necessary.


 tDCS (Trascranial Direct Current Stimulation) Implant ~ A specialized brain implant that grants psionic abilities by manipulation of electromagnetic fields in and around the body. Grants telepathy, telekinesis, as well as the ability to sense magical and/or supernatural waves and auras. Franziska specializes in astral projection communication, projecting her consciousness across distances to observe events ‘in person’ while her body remains elsewhere. The implant also grants her increased speed and strength, making her a master of her matter by granting mastery of her mind.


Schnitterrüstung (Olde Watch General Armor) ~ Armor, black as night, it is made up of several layers of specially designed, nanomachine constructed materials that were designed by Olde Watch to be especially good at enduring punishment; thermoplastic polyethylene polymers, carbon nanotubes, all less than paper-thin, with multiple layers of graphene. The shining outer surface is covered in a metallic microalloy glass. The armor itself is designed to inspire terror, with the various outer plates designed to look like ornately carved bone, and the faceplate itself being like a black skull. The suit is carefully sealed with its own protective environment inside, enabling the wearer to endure the vacuum of space and harmful environments, is ANFE resonant to nullify magical effects being applied to it, and it shares a closed loop neural interface with Franziska as well, giving her sole access to all of its functions and capabilities, including the channeling of her electromagnetic psionic field into energy weapons, and more.


Mordstock (High Frequency Pistol Cane Sword) ~ A three-round burst semi-automatic pistol concealed in a cane that is also a sword. By channeling her power into the blade with intense focus, the razor edge of the blade, honed to the microscopic level, she causes it to vibrate at intense frequencies that causes material to become obliterated at the molecular level as it cuts through, as well as surround it with a powerful electromagnetic field that is equally as harmful, being able to overwhelm the nervous system of any being it comes into contact with and cause severe burns. The rounds it fires are in a burst of threes – an ANFE ‘screamer’ round, followed by an armor-piercing round, and then a hollow-point bullet.