°• Frédéric "Freddy" Azaïs… •°


Frédéric Azaïs…

“Enter the life of Frédéric. He used to live on Earth, though would later transfer to Hellifyno for unknown reasons. Frédéric is a nice man. Kind, caring and helpful to all he sees. Though, everyone has a darkside and Frédéric is not exception. He is nice to most people as long as you are nice to him.”

“Frédéric usually finds Jobs in the business sector and has been meaning to start his own business. Though he never seems to have enough time to pursue his dream. So it is usually more of a distant thought, rather than a dream. Frédéric does like to collect things like antiques, jewelry, exotic animals, etc. He hopes to found some kind of shop, where he can sell the items he collects.”

“I also very much like gardening and hope to start my own garden. Cultivating large plots of land for fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and other things. Which will add me in my magic & potion work. It will also help me with my cooking and my baking. I would also like to raise livestock, for many of the same reasons.”

“Yes, I do wok with magic and potions. I have many rooms in my home, that involve items or things related to this work. Including the very large library. The greenhouse, the glass-working area, etc. I very much enjoy researching magic and potions. It is what could be called a hobby.”

Who Am I...

"Frédéric Azaïs…"

Romantic Interests

"Don't have my eye on anyone yet… though things can change…"

My Appearance

“Hello, I am Frédéric Azaïs!”


“I stand at 6’4″. I weigh in at a solid 225 lbs.”


“I have a slim but muscular build.”


“My body is covered in scars, tattoo’s, burns, cuts, etc.”


“I have a tanned complexion, almost bronze.”


“I have ash blonde hair and blue eyes.”


“I do not carry most of my inventory on me. So, I will say that this is something for me to know. Though if you must know. I carry practical things, wallet. Phone, keys, concealed gun, etc. The gun is for self-defense only, not going around and shooting people. I also sometimes carry, my headphones (&) earbuds, my laptop in my satchel. Charging cords and many things for work. Sometimes I can also be seen with a book. As I enjoy reading.”

My Secrets Are...

“My secrets are MY secrets. This is clarified above. So, I keep my secrets to myself. Usually sharing them with the people I am closest too. Though I never really share them with strangers. I don’t know who you are, or what you would do with that kind of information. So unfortunately I am not going to share MY secrets with you. Extra safety pro-cautions. I hope you can respect my wishes.”

I Believe...

"…I don't believe in many things. But I do believe that people can shape their future…"